Paracord Fids – 3 Sizes for Paracord and Leather Work

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Fids are the perfect tools to use for finishing your paracord items. Use a set of fids when you near the end of your creation to “lace” the paracord through tiny holes. These tools should be everyone’s paracording tool box. Each set of fids comes with 2 pointed fids only. Simply melt your paracord into a small point. Then, spin the paracord into the threaded fids. When the paracord is seated correctly, it is nearly impossible to pull directly out. This set comes with 3 sizes of fids: (1) 3.5″ Type I (micro cord) Paracord, Stainless Steel Stitching Needle (1) 3.5″ Type II Paracord, Stainless Steel Stitching Needle (1) 3.5″ Type III (550 LB) Paracord, Stainless Steel Stitching Needle

Product Features

  • 1 Pack of Paracord and Leather Work Stitching Needles
  • Made from Stainless Steel and highly durable
  • Smooth Rounded Tip Prevents Snagging
  • Deep, threaded sockets holds paracord or leather tight
  • Works great with 550, 325, and Micro Paracord


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