PARACORD PLANET 10 20 25 50 100 Foot Hanks and 250 1000 Foot Spools of Parachute 550 Cord Type III 7 Strand Paracord (Olive Drab 250 Foot Spool)

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Paracord Planet paracord is your all-around tactical, crafting and utility cord. Paracord Planet Type III commercial grade paracord is dependable, tough and long lasting. The cord is made of 550 pound test nylon and features seven-strand core for maximum strength. Paracord Planet paracord measures at 5/32″ in diameter and is manufacturered in the United states by a certified US Government contractor. Paracord Planet Paracord is available in over 200 different colors and lengths. Paracord Planet Type III 550 lb. Paracord is 100% nylon, 7 strand core and measures 5/32″ in diameter. Manufactured in the US and certified by US Government contractor and has a 550 lb test strength.

Product Features

  • 10, 25, 50, 100 Foot 550 Cord Hanks & 250-1000′ Paracord Spools of Type III 550 pound 7-Strand core Commercial Paracord. Diameter is approximately 1/8″
  • Great for paracord bracelets, survival bracelet, paracord lanyards or keychains, crafting, and more!
  • UV resistant, will not rot/mildew, making it great for survival needs and many outdoor applications!
  • Created for Paracord Planet by certified US Government contractors.
  • Also known as: parachute cord, 550 cord, parachute rope, paracord rope, para cord, or parachord


Anonymous says:

Poor spool and paracord not in one piece. This is my second attempt at getting paracord. The first paracord that I got was a disaster. The end of the spool came off and was a huge tangled mess. The replacement spool that I got was not 1 piece. On the spool was as aprox 300′ piece and a 700′ piece. The project that I was working on needed one piece that was 1000′ long. I would have returned the replacement spool if I had not needed it right then. I had to make due. I am very disappointed. Buyer Beware.

Anonymous says:

It makes me a little more than irritated that the quality control is so poor that this happens After discovering that another order from Paracord Planet was 2 feet short I measured out this order. It is also 2 feet short of the 100 feet that I ordered. It makes me a little more than irritated that the quality control is so poor that this happens, and makes me wonder if all their orders are short? I know I’ll need other random colors for other projects, and sadly Paracord Planet seems to have the best color selection. However if this is how they treat every order I’ll certainly be…

Anonymous says:

Consitently shorted on lengths — unacceptable. I build whips, primarily out of paracord. I’ve ordered from Paracord Planet in the past and been satisfied. However, this most recent order, and several of my most recent past orders, have been very disappointing as I have been severely shorted in the lengths.Now, if they advertise 100 feet of cord and it’s off by a few inches, I’m not going to complain. I’ve never had them go over — it’s ALWAYS under the advertised length. Like I said, though, a few inches isn’t generally going to…

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