Paracord Planet Nylon Core 550lb Type III 7 Strand Paracord Made in the U.S.A. Over 200 Colors Available!,100 Feet,Black

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Paracord Planet TM paracord is authentic commercial paracord made in the USA. With a 550-lb line strength,7 inner nylon cores, and UV, rot, and mildew resistance, this parachute cord is great for camping, hiking, survival, and much more. Choose from our hundreds of paracord colors to make a variety of things from paracord bracelets to specific paracord knots and weaves. The inner strands can be easily removed and used for quick and convenient repairs while in the outdoors. Paracord Planet TM paracord hanks are made exclusively by Paracord Planet TM. If you don’t see the Paracord Planet TM label on your paracord, it is not authentic Paracord Planet TM parachute cord.

Product Features

  • Commercial paracord great for crafting paracord bracelets and accessories or general utility use
  • 7 strand nylon core with 550 lb test strength
  • Will not rot or mildew and UV resistant. Great for camping and survival use.
  • 550 paracord is great for making paracord keychains, paracord lanyards, paracord dog collars, and more!
  • Paracord Planet TM paracord is made in the USA


Nunya says:

I paid for 100′ and only received 90′. I … I paid for 100′ and only received 90′. I understand there will be some variance from coil to coil, but 10% short is ridiculous. I see from the reviews that I’m not the only one who was short changed. Would not buy again.

JackMeTickler says:

They delivered! I previously left a review that revealed how disappointed I was in the product. Not with the actual quality of the cord, which, for the price, I thought was pretty good but with the short measure. I purchased the 100ft length and was supplied with one about 93ft. As I said in the review, I paid for 100ft, I expected 100ft (even though the price was way below what you would normally pay). To their absolute credit, Outdoor Bunker profusely apologized and supplied me with another 25ft length of…

blank Jeff says:

Great Paracord. One quick piece of info. Just wanted to correct something I saw floating around on the reviews. 

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