Paracord Planet Type III 7 Strand 550 Paracord

June 27, 2019 - Comment
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Paracord Planet® paracord is authentic commerical paracord made in the USA. With a 550-lb line strength,7 inner nylon cores, and UV, rot, and mildew resistance, this parachute cord is great for camping, hiking, survival, and much more. Choose from our hundreds of paracord colors to make a variety of things from paracord bracelets to specific paracord knots and weaves. The inner strands can be easily removed and used for quick and convenient repairs while in the outdoors.


Anonymous says:

Cord worked perfect, didn’t stretch… Purchased this for a Backpacking trip in bear country. Recently carried this on a 4 day 3 night backpacking river fording trip. We wrapped cord around a stone and swung the cord back and forth to toss 15 – 25 feet in the air over tree limbs. Sometimes stone and rope hit ground and/or river bed many times before proper placement was achieved. Tied on removable backpack sacks and hauled 8 – 15lbs of foods and snacks in the air and tied off to neighboring tree.I carried the entire…

Anonymous says:

Five Stars I just suspended a 92 Ford 5.0 long block with this. Mom k

Anonymous says:

Great Paracord. One quick piece of info. Just wanted to correct something I saw floating around on the reviews.It is true that if paracord is going to be sold to the military (aka MIL-C-5040) it has to have an identifying colored thread, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of any higher quality, but just that it is labeled for military sale and likely has a more stringent quality control threshold.The requirements for MIL-C-5040 (or at least the ones important to this discussion) are that it uses a…

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