Pendleton Yakima Camp High Ridge Twin Blanket

July 24, 2019 - Comment
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Sleep soundly indoors or out with our bestselling camp blankets. Famously durable and warm, they’re modeled after the blankets early shepherds used to brave the elements of the Pacific Northwest-right where our rugged wool versions are still woven today. Pure virgin wool/cotton Dry clean Made in USA twin 66×84


Anonymous says:

Perfect Wool Blanket! If you’re on the fence about buying this blanket, I’d say go ahead and pull the trigger.I was worried this blanket would be too heavy to use over a feather comforter in the winter. It’s not. It’s perfect.I was worried this blanket would be too warm to use with a sheet in the summer. It’s not. It’s perfect.The blanket is a perfect mixture of lightweight and warmth. Despite keeping me toasty warm at night, I never get too hot. The air seems to circulate…

Anonymous says:

Warmest blanket in Pendleton line WARMEST blanket in Pendleton line–responding to my query, Pendleton helpfully provided this information:”They are not a cotton-wool blend, but are woven of primarily 100% wool yarns. They do contain some 100% cotton warp yarns (the vertical, structure-giving fibers on a loom) for stability, but having cotton inside the blanket, between wool yarns, actually creates heat-trapping pockets that help make the blanket warmer. This composition combined with the heavier overall weight…

Anonymous says:

Excellent quality Better than I expected. This blanket is heavy, thick, soft, and warm. Since I am very comfortable with washing wool items, I washed this blanket in my front loading washer on the “Hand Wash” cycle, spun it out well, and dried flat on my bed. It is even softer now and changed very little in size – at least I don’t think it did. I didn’t measure before washing, but label says it was 90 by 90 inches, it now measures 88 by 84 inches. It is the perfect size for my queen mattress and I’m…

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