Personalized Pocket Compass Engraved Joshua 1:9 (Be Strong and Courageous) – Great for Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion, Graduation (Compass Only, No Personalization)

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This Stanley London Solid Brass Wilderness Scouting Compass is one of the best scouting compasses available, with many advanced features not found on other pocket compasses. The precision compass capsule features a modern liquid-damped compass with a needle that isolates movements and quickly settles to North. The jeweled arrow-shaped compass needle is easy to read, accurate, quick and responsive. An interesting feature is that the entire compass bezel will rotate to adjust to your local magnetic declination angle (the difference between true north and magnetic north). In this way you can orient to either magnetic north, true north, or any arbitrary reference. The bright glow-in-the-dark luminescent dots are unique and invaluable for nighttime orienting. Besides a luminescent dot on the north end of the compass needle, there are also two luminescent dots that rotate with the compass bezel. In this way, you can rotate the bezel to maintain any heading with the compass needle’s glowing dot centered inside the two glowing dots on the bezel. The three luminescent dots and the entire compass bezel glow brightly in the dark for easy nighttime reading. The case of the Wilderness Scouting is made of solid brass with a hinged lid which will not rust. Unlike most other brass compasses, these Wilderness Scouting Compasses have a special clear coating that eliminates tarnish and fingerprints on the brass. Variation Compass Only, No Personalization

Product Features

  • Brass pocket compass engraved Joshua 1:9 – Great for baptisms, confirmations, missionary, birthdays, graduations, and more
  • Precision compass capsule features a modern liquid-damped compass
  • Entire compass bezel rotates to adjust to your local magnetic declination angle
  • Bright glow-in-the-dark luminescent dots are invaluable for nighttime orienting
  • Clear-coated brass prevents tarnishing and fingerprints


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Grateful traveling graduate It was as exactly what was wanted

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