Phone Skope PYRO Putty Winter, Summer, Eco Blend, Emergency Survival Fire Starter (Blue Winter Blend)

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Pyro Putty is the fire starter the industry has long needed! The fire starter of the future! Guaranteed to light when you need it most! Whatever mother nature throws yours way – Rain, Snow, Sleet, Wind or Shine. Pyro Putty will have its game face on! – Easy to carry and store coming in a twist top can, lightweight weighing a mere 2.2oz, this is a must for every backpack! – Our proprietary patent pending putty is pliable and sticky! Imagine play dough on steroids! Simple stick this putty where you need a fire and ignite! Apply it to the end of a stick and create a torch, stick to a wet log, Ignite, turn upside down to dry itself out and then begin to burn! Whatever and wherever you need to stick this, it will burn! INFERNO IN A CAN! – Now lets talk about EASY IGNITION! Simply pull the putty apart to expose the fibers and light away! You can use a flame, spark from a ferro rod, Electronic Arc, Magnifying glass and so on! This stuff loves to burn! – You will find 2 ounces of putty in the can resulting in many fires! Up to 30 fires to be exact! Weather/Temperature permitting a quarter ball of putty will burn up to 15 minutes! – Proudly main in small town USA! BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST WITH PYRO PUTTY! Always check with local fire laws before using/lighting fires.! 

Product Features

  • IDEAL FOR – Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Emergency Preparedness, 72 Hour Kit, Outdoor Activities, Winter Activities
  • MULTIPLE FIRES PER CAN! Up to 12 Wet Fires | Up to 30 Dry Fires.
  • BURNS ANYWHERE – Fully Waterproof this will burn while floating on Water! Pliable/Moldable – Stick this anywhere and light! Stick to the end of a stick and create your own torch!
  • EASILY IGNITED – Ignite by using a flame, Spark, Ferro Rod, Plasma Arc, Magnifying Glass
  • LONG BURN TIME – Quarter Size Ball = 15+ Minutes of Burn Time!!


Anonymous says:

Works as advertised! Super fast shipping! I received the product and put ti to the test. Took a very small piece (pea sized), separated the fibers as instructed, and set it ablaze with a couple of strikes of my ferro rod. Burned for close to 2 minutes with a steady yellow flame. I have no doubt it would effectively start a fire, and it is in a compact waterproof container. It found a place in my backpack!!!

Anonymous says:

Must have piece of kit! I have been seeing this stuff for quite some time. And I’ve been kind of kicking around the idea about buying some and trying it. Needless to say I am very happy that I did! Previous to this I was using cotton balls and Vaseline. It was very messy and definitely not waterproof and did not light up with the same intensity. I would say that this is a must have for any emergency/survival pack! Also if you Hunt or fish or hike or recreate outside at all I would certainly buy a couple cans of…

blank Anonymous says:

Great for the outdoorsman Length:: 0:20 Mins I was very skeptical at first as being a putty/paste it seemed like a novelty item. However, this fire stuff exceeds my expectations by a long shot. Took it snowmobiling over the weekend and built a fire on the snow with ease. Followed direction by exposing the fibers and it lit instantly. I also tried lighting it without the fibers exposed and it wouldn’t light, also dropped it in snow and water like the video and squished out as much water as I…

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