Pressurized Beer Growler 64oz Stainless Steel with Logo – Pressurized Growler Beer Dispenser CO2 Growler, Regulator, Tap

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Drink your favorite beer fresh from the tap and wherever your adventures take you with the G. Francis Beer Growler 64 oz. It includes a side handle allows for easy carrying, refilling, and pouring, a twist-on growler cap with 2 silicone rings for a spill-free seal, a quick-connect regulator that maintains consistent carbonation, and an integrated pressure relief valve. It includes 3 threaded 16g CO2 cartridges and is compatible with food grade 16g threaded CO2 or nitrogen cartridges. Most beverages pour best between 5-10 PSI, but certain concoctions will require different pressures, which is why we include a 0-30 PSI pressure gauge to fine tune your pours. If you wish to force carbonate your beverage, fill your keg and increase the pressure to 15 PSI or higher, and let it sit overnight. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Product Features

  • HAVE YOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGES: Use the G. Francis Stainless Steel Growler for storing and dispensing up to 64 ounces (1.9 L) of homebrew beer, kombucha, cold brew coffee, seltzer water, iced tea, soda, mimosa, spritzer mixed drinks, and any other drink you desire; Microbreweries will fill the stainless growler with your favorite brew so you can enjoy it at home or at any get together
  • PRESERVE TEMPERATURE: Agitation and warm beer is more likely to cause foamy beer, so we recommend allowing your beer to settle and chill in the refrigerator for several hours before consuming; Double-walled and vacuum insulated growler dispenser to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours; Stores in refrigerator to keep cold and ready to dispense; Fits neatly in many refrigerator side door shelves so you can keep it cold and drink it later
  • PERFECT SIZE: 64-ounce (2-liter) size is 11.75 inches tall with a 5.1-inch diameter with the tap off and the cap on (30cm x 13cm); Fits in your refrigerator even with tap attached; Portable size allows you to bring with you camping or to any outdoor barbeque, party, or get together; Fills (4) 16-ounce (0.5 L) glasses
  • BUILT TO LAST UNIQUE DESIGN: Constructed from food grade lightweight stainless steel for maximum strength and longevity; Beautifully designed G. Francis logo is permanently etched on the side of the growler; Keeps contaminants out, carbonation in, and preserves coldness longer than breakable glass alternatives
  • EASY TO USE: Operation instructions included; Fill with the beverage of your choice, lift the regulator collar, press the collar onto the SS gas post, then release the collar, turn the pressure dial to the off position, screw the threaded end of the CO2 cartridge onto the regulator, pull up on the pressure relief valve, turn the pressure dial to the on position to your desired PSI, and pour yourself a drink; Use with CO2 or NO2 (nitrogen)


Anonymous says:

High quality, well worth the money. I bought this for my mom since she just got into brewing and wanted to be able to take her beer to social gatherings. Upon receiving the growler we were both impressed by the quality. All the machines aluminum parts seem to be high quality and well made. After using it for a while I can say this is a good product well worth the money. The double walled growler keeps beer cold for a long time and can act as a normal growler if you don’t want to use the C02 attachments. Why wouldn’t you though…

Anonymous says:

Unbelievably well made and rugged. First off, this growler is built like a freakin tank and has the best twist-on seal I ever saw. It keeps my beer/cider cold way longer than I would have guessed. In fact, I took a full growler of the fridge out to the garage and sat it on my workbench (about 90° in the garage) and drank from it over the course of an afternoon/evening and the last cup was still ice cold about 8 hrs later. I bet it’d still be a little cold the next day if I took it camping.The tap is the amazing part…

Anonymous says:

Quality Growler . . . Works as advertised ! Initiated my G Francis with Mac and Jack’s BlackCat Porter then on to Atlas BlackBerry Hard Cider. Really enjoy this growler. It works as advertised . . Keeps your beverage cold for 48 hrs + outside a fridge due to the vacuum insulation and mine does not bleed Co2 pressure anywhere including the tap faucet. This was the Only vacuum insulated stainless growler I could find that could be Pressurized as well. I like the fact you can swap Faucets or Regulators due to the use of…

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