Professional Rechargeable Walkie Talkies,MOICO Long Range Two Way Radios for Adults up to 5 Miles in Open Area,Handheld Talkies Talky with 22 Channels FRS/GMRS VOX Scan LCD Display LED Flashlight

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MOICO Long Range Walkie Talkies With 22 Channels FRS/GMRS VOX Scan LCD Display LED Flashlight Your Best Choice for Biking Hiking Camping

Why choose MOICO Two-way Radios?
★Rechargeable & Long standby
The walkies talkies contains 8* AAA rechargeable battries and AC adapter.
It takes 8 hours to fully charge,15 hours continuous, 40 hours standby.
★Backlight LCD display & Flashlight
Backlight LCD display & Flashlight for night use or emergency.
The sound is loud and clear with adjustable volume level.
Voice Operated Transmit (VOX) supports the hands-free operation

Battery Operated:8*AAA rechargeable batteries(Included)
Charge:AC adapter
Number Sub-code:CTCSS 99
Range:Up to 5 miles in open field
Modulation type:FM-F3E
Channel spacing:12.5kHz(Narrowband)

★Do not use while charging
★UP to 5 miles communication range in open fields, provide 0.6-1.2 miles communication in built-up areas or obstructed conditions.

Package Include:
2* Walkie Talkies
1* AC charging cable
1* User instruction manual
8* AAA Rechargeable batteries

Product Features

  • 【Rechargeable Two Way Radio】Each radio comes with 4* 800mAh AAA rechargeable batteries and a AC charging cable provide long standby.These professional rechargeable walkie talkies can 15 hours continuous, 40 hours standby
  • 【22 Channels Each with 99 CTCSS】The walkie talkies with 22 GMRS/FRS channels plus 99 set of CTCSS tones.The continues tone coded squelch system gives you 2178 channels to choose.You can block other conversation requests and get a private chat channel.
  • 【Long Range Communication】This two way radio communicate up to 5 miles communication range in little or no obstruction, provide 1.2-2.0 miles communication in built-up areas or obstructed conditions.Suitable for biking,hiking,famliy camping,roadtrip,at school.It can also contact your children when you are in the house and they are playing at garden.
  • 【Backlight LCD display & Flashlight】The Backlit screen provides high visibility and allows you to adjust and setup of the walkie-talkie conveniently in the dark.The built-fashlint can be used in sending light signals and emergency light at night.
  • 【24-month Warranty and Return Policy are Guaranteed】24-month quality guarantee,if you are not satisfied with the product, we will provide a refund and return.If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we have professional engineers can solve your problem.We will reply in 12 hours.


Anonymous says:

Very good radios Bought these walkie talkies in principle without relying on the fact that they will work perfectly. I’m a truck driver, and I need to talk to my partner when I Park my truck in a narrow space between other trucks. But I knew that at a distance of a few dozen feet they will definitely work. As it turned out I was wrong, they work perfectly, I certainly have not tried how they work at a distance of a couple of miles, but when my partners and I scatter in different directions on loading or…

Anonymous says:

Rechargeable batteries make these radios versatile Length:: 1:11 Mins One of the biggest hassles in using FRS and GMRS radios is having to round up a bunch of batteries when you want to use them. Have no fear with these radios. The two radios come equipped with 8 rechargeable AAA batteries as well as an easy-to-use charger. All you need to do is plug the two jacks on the charger into the top of both radios and it will quickly recharge your batteries for you for your next outing or adventure. This is the main reason I…

Anonymous says:

Great overall quality and design. If you ever spent time on a cruise you know that staying in contact even with your co-cruisers / family is a challenge coz there is no cell network we are so used to. For me, good old-fashioned two-way radios (aka walkie-talkies) is an efficient and affordable option for off-grid communications. What I like about this one particular radio is that 1: it offers 22 channels and privacy codes to keep your messages completely private; 2: it has a decent battery life ( more than enough for a…

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