PROLOSO 6 Pcs Navigation Compass Orienteering Compass for Cub Scouts Hiking Backpacking Compass

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Product Features

  • 🧭SIZE£º4″¡Á2.5″.These backpacking compasses are small and inobtrusive, fit in purse or pocket.
  • 🧭DESEIGN: Azimuth bearing+compass ruler+1:25000 compass scale+360 degree rotating bezel+magnetic needle+directional arrow+lanyard. Meet all you need.
  • 🧭EASY TO USE:The clear, plastic base is large enough to hold easily and handy to place over a map.You can tie the handheld compasses anywhere you like with the included lanyard.
  • 🧭WELL-MADE:Needle floats freely, bezel rotates smoothly, facing & pointer are large enough for good visibility.
  • 🧭Multifunctional: A great portable compass for scouting, orienteering, map reading and general hiking use. Ideal for cub scout,field trip,bug-out bags.


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