Promate Wrist Compass with Hose Mount, Black

September 10, 2019 - Comment
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Waterproof compass with wrist strap and hose mount; designed for scuba diving (depths of 260-feet) good for other outdoor recreation sports too, especially water sports. Compass with enhanced magnet strength, quick response and smooth card movement! This unique, high performance liquid filled compass is designed with enhanced magnet strength which provides exceptionally quick response and smooth dial movement.

Product Features

  • Large, easy-to-read numbers are displayed on the luminescent dial face and in the side window with index marks at 10-degree increments
  • Oil-filled for precision operation to depths of 260-feet (80m)
  • The special design of the compass needle card and powerful magnets provides smooth movement across a wide range of motion
  • Compass can be worn either on the wrist or mounted to any scuba diving HP hose with hose mount bracket for standard diameter hose


Anonymous says:

Does not come with hose mount. The compass seems to work well enough. The action is slow and takes a while to settle on North. The Compass Only Comes With The Wrist Mount. Although the listing states that it comes with the hose mount…IT DOES NOT. The package also states “Promate wrist compass with hose mount, black” (see photo). This is just like the listing, but then on the other side of the package only the “wrist mount” is checked. I returned the original one I bought because of this and the new one that…

Anonymous says:

Would recommend for recreational divers. Looking at the price, you really cannot beat this compass. It feels (and well, is) plasticky but it serves it’s purpose.The only thing that bothers me a tiny bit is that it sets itself to true north a bit slow. You have to hold your held pretty still, and after the plate has settled you need to shake it a bit to see if it ‘fine tunes’ itself or not (no air bubbles, so it must be some sort of a friction thing). This could be annoying especially during night dive…But again. It does…

Anonymous says:

Compass is what you pay for I use this compass while scuba diving. It is cheap compared to most sold on amazon. That being said it works as intended. I found it slow to find north, although it did easily. So if trying to navigate underwater fast and with many quick turns it can become disorienting. Also while it is on your wrist it is difficult to hold in a position to see through the window in the bezel to line up barrings, its just at a weird angle. Maybe my arms are too short or something, but it is hard to do…

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