Prostick 3` Foot Fiberglass 1000 Watt – Black CB Radio Antenna

June 1, 2019 - Comment
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Product Features

  • 1000 Watt Rating – gives desired amount of power
  • Exclusive “VibraSorb” Anti-breakage Design – improves life of product
  • Broad Tuning Range: 26.000 to 29.500 MHz
  • Fiberglass Mast joined to Nickel Plated Brass Ferrule – durable and quality materials to last longer
  • Made in the USA


Anonymous says:

broken antenna not very strong, one broke already, one on the truck about 2 weeks

Anonymous says:

Mounting Good product, I would have preferred the threads to be longer so that it could be mounted with a nut instead of relying on the coax to secure it in position.

Anonymous says:

Good product but not tuneable The good, I like the antenna, quality seems good and its SWR is better than my Firestick was which is fortunate since it is not tuneable as it says it is.The bad, came in no original packaging and does not have a tunable tip.

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