PSKOOK 550 Paracord Buckles Metal Side Release Whistle Compass Buckles Outdoor Ferro Rod Flint and Steel Scraper Carabiner O Shackles Needle/FID Toggle O Ring 16-Piece Set

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PSKOOK Paracord Buckles Set including:

3 Metal Side Release Buckles2 Whistle Compass Buckles2 Adjustable O Shackles2 Adjustable Toggles1 stainless steel Paracord Needle / Fid2 Ferro Rod Flint2 Steel Scrapers  1 Aluminum Carabiner1 O Ring

Product Features

  • If you are not satisfied with the base paracord accessories, there are more than 15 Premium Accessories to make a HUGE range of paracord crafts
  • 9 Paracord Buckles – 3 Metal Side Release Buckles, 2 Whistle Compass Buckles, 2 Adjustable O Shackles, 2 Adjustable Toggles
  • 1 stainless steel Paracord Needle / Fid – help weave paracord projects easily, 2 Ferro Rod Flint and Steel Scrapers – make Fire Starter Bracelet or Necklace, 1 Aluminum Carabiner & 1 O Ring – make Keychain / Dog Leash
  • Great accessories for Paracord Bracelets, Wristbands, Lanyards, Keychains, Necklaces, Dog Leashes / Collars and Outdoor Survival Emergency Kits
  • You can search PSKOOK to watch related video and instructions, you will find more funny and innovative outdoor survival gears from us, like Paracord Winder/Jigs/Needles, Wood Drilling Fire, Dog Leash, Spork, Gun Sock / Sling, etc.


Anonymous says:

Great Great set lost of options

Anonymous says:

Cords are strong, colors are vivid. Not much to say. They’re durable cords. I wish the clips didn’t feel so cheap but they do work.

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