Radioddity GA-2S Long Range Walkie Talkies UHF Two Way Radio for Hunting/Fishing/Camping/Security with Micro USB Charging + Air Acoustic Earpiece with Mic + 1 Programming Cable (6 Pack)

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Radioddity GA-2S Two Way Radio Long Range Walkie Talkies

▶ Ergonomic Design and Solid Texture for firm gripping and long-lasting using. This pair of walkie-talkies would be able to serve for a few years.

▶ USB desktop Chargers are included and you can simply mount the walkie-talkies onto the chargers to charge instead of plugging in cables.

▶ Large Capacity Battery: The included battery is 1500mAh which can last around 96 hours on a single charge depending on how much you transmit.

▶ Various Occasions Using: Radioddity R2 is perfect for the commercial construction or around the house; Suitable for the security team, maintenance team, construction team, fire department, warehouse, factory, kitchen staff, hotel, retail store, school, camping.

▶ Package with Everything you need: Earpieces, batteries, Wrist Strap, USB chargers, belt clips, and a well -written instruction manual. Removable Antenna for easy packaging.

Specification & Functions:
● Frequency Range: UHF 400-470MHz
● Channel: 16 Memory Channels
● Power: 2W
● Standby Time: Up to 96 hours
● Band: Single
● Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection (25 KHZ/12.5KHz)
● 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS
● Time-out timer(TOT)
● Best Battery Saving Function
● VOX Function
● High/ Low Power Selectable
● Alarm function
● English/Chinese Voice Prompt
● Busy Channel Lock Out
● USB Rapid Charger
● Scanning Function

Package Content:
6 x Radioddity GA-2S Two Way Radio
6 x 1500Mah Li-ion batteries
6 x Antennas
6 x USB Chargers
6 x Belt Clips
6 x Wrist Straps
6 x Earpieces
6 x User Manuals
6 x Programming Cables

Product Features

  • 16 pre-programmed frequency right out of box, can be used to communicate directly with each GA-2S on the same channel.
  • Convenient charging like a phone via connecting the micro USB cable, no more worry for running out of battery on-the-go.
  • True 2 watt power can reach up to 3 miles range, 96 hours long time standby allow to use whole day without charging.
  • Easy to program through PC with programming cable (package included), offer programming support under Technical Specification Section on the listing page.
  • 18 months warranty and 60 days no reason return. For any assistance, contact us directly or follow Radioddity Two Way Radio FB group to get support.


Anonymous says:

Great quality for the price, and ability to charge directly from USB Ordered as Christmas gifts for the kids. Using a coupon that was available at the time I was able to get 6 radios with chargers and headsets for less than $10 each! Tested the headsets and they all worked, no missing parts in any of the boxes. The only defect I noticed was the voice that announced the channel number gave the wrong number for one of the channels, but this only occurred on one of the six radios and I didn’t see it as a major issue. Liked the simple operation of the channel…

Anonymous says:

Exceptional value with micro USB charging I purchased this 6-pack of radios recently and I have to say they work well. Each radio comes with a 1500mAh battery, belt clip, antenna, carrying strap, headset, charging base, micro USB cable and user manual. They also include a programming cable which was tucked away in one of the boxes. The cable has a Kenwood style two prong connector so if you have one that came with say a Baofeng radio on hand already, then it will work just fine. Programming was easy and I do recommend reprogramming the…

Anonymous says:

GA-2S HTs replacing BF-888s I purchased the 6 pack of Radioddity GA-2S radios to replace some well worn BF-888s . They are used by adults and teenagers during camping, fishing, and scouting events. Here is a summary of how they tested.I set all six transceivers , chargers, cables, and headsets on my bench. After unpacking I had one antenna missing from one of the boxes. I replaced that antenna with one from my Anytone 3318A dual band HT just for testing purposes.The batterys measured 3.8vdc out of the box…

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