Radius Garden 102 Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Weeder, Original Green

October 7, 2019 - Comment
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We got tired of bending and breaking hand weeders that never really got the job done even at their best. The Radius Ergonomic Weeder is every bit as mean as it looks. It won’t bend. It won’t break. And, best of all, it won’t leave any root behind. Experienced gardeners know that dandelions are stimulated when their tap root is snapped & will produce two or three replacement dandelions for the one you were trying to remove. The ineffective weeders that most companies sell either pinch or break the roots, leaving enough in the ground to insure you will have to fight much harder next time as the weeds multiply.

Product Features

  • Award-winning ergonomic garden weeder with unique, patented blade designed for optimal performance in all soil conditions
  • Serrated, reinforced aluminum blade slides through compacted roots and earth; Ultra-lightweight, stronger than steel and will never rust
  • Ergonomic Natural Radius Grip provides extra leverage and reduces hand and wrist stress
  • Over molded handle with a comfortable non-latex, thermoplastic grip for comfort and ease of use
  • Ideal for gardeners with limited hand strength, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome


Anonymous says:

Loved it and now I have this one I have been attempting to clear up excess growth in my yard and I purchased the Large size Radius Shovel which has a similar design. Loved it and now I have this one, which is wonderful for removing the roots of plants that are difficult to remove. Sometimes when I am working in my yard I don’t want to get up and go get the long shovel, that is where this little hand weeder comes in.. I am very pleased with it, I would have purchased it sooner had I known that instead of using my own…

Anonymous says:

It was very handy and I really enjoyed it. In early October I was trying to … I bought this April and used it several times. It was very handy and I really enjoyed it. In early October I was trying to get a weed out and it snapped clean in half. I thought it was just one of those things and was glad to know that there was a lifetime guarantee to replace it.Radius was very nice and for about $4 mailed me a new one. The very first time I tried to use it again on wet soil the new one snapped and I almost hit myself in the face.Great if you need to go…

Anonymous says:

I’m in love with this weeding tool LOVE! Just received this and immediately decimated all the dandelions in my yard. The tool is serrated so it goes into the ground easily and you can twist it in the ground and cut the dirt on a circular motion around the weed and flick it out of the hole with the tip of the tool. It’s wicked cool, makes me feel like a weed removing ninja.Ran out of weeds, didn’t want to stop!Bonus- the serrated edge allows you to cut roots and vines.Also, so easy to hold…

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