Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulb JackonLux Multi-Function Battery Backup Emergency Light For Power Outage Camping Outdoor Activity Hurricane 9W 850LM 60W Equivalent Soft White 3000K E26 120 Volt 2 Pack

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JackonLux battery backup light bulb is widely used in home, office, garage,warehouse,
garden and outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, etc. It is a perfect combination of
regular led bulb and power outage lights. It works as regular led bulb when connected to
120V voltage, and it will light on automatically if there is power outage.


Power: 9W
Input Voltage: 120 Volt
AC Mode Lumens: 850 lm (60W Equivalent)
DC Mode Lumens: 500 lm (40W Equivalent)
Light Color: Soft White 3000K
Emergency Time: 3-4 hours
Charging Time: 8-10 hours
Base: E26

How to use the rechargeable led bulb ?

Insert the bulb into any suitable bulb fixture as regular led bulb, control on / off by switch.
Screw the bulb into our cap with switch and hook, control on / off by switch on our cap.
Use fingers touch bulb base, control on / off by fingers.
Use a wet tissue or wet cloth.

How Does The Bulb Work During Power Outage ?

When there is a power outage, switch on, the bulb will stay on as emergency led light, if witch off, the bulb will be off.

Why The Bulb Is Always On ? Can Not Turn Off ?

Normally this will not happen, but if your lamp circuit system is very complex and special, this will happen, all different brands of emergency light bulbs in current market has this same problem, this is decided by working principle. We offer warranty for all our light bulbs, we can offer fully refund if you are not satisfied with our bulbs

How To Test Emergency Mode At Home If No Power Outage ?

Way 1: screw our emergency led light into any E26 fixture and plug into 120 volt outlet, switch on
the bulb, cut off main breaker, the bulb will stay on, switch off, it will be off.

Way 2: screw our emergency led light into any E26 fixture, plug out, use a wet cloth or wet tissue
connect the prongs of the plug, our bulb will be on

Product Features

  • Power Off, Light On – JackonLux rechargeable led bulb works as regular led bulb, when there is a power outage, our bulb still on, will light for up to 3-4 hours, you will never be left in dark again.
  • Multi-Function, Not Only Bulb – JackonLux emergency led light bulb is portable, widely used as camping light, flashlight, hook light, warehouse light, etc.
  • High Brightness – JackonLux emergency light bulb has 850 lumens output under 120 volt AC mode, 60W equivalent, gives 500 lumens output under battery discharge DC model, 40W equivalent.
  • Patent Design – plastic coated aluminum lamp body with glue sealed globe cover, impact-resistant, free of electric shock and moisture proof.
  • What You Get – 2 JackonLux rechargeable led bulbs and 2 caps with switch and hook.


Anonymous says:

Great lights! 👍🏻 I ordered a two pack of soft lights to see if they worked and they do! In fact, the power actually DID go off for a few minutes and the light blinked once and then remained lit! One of the hangers in the package worked great while the other one needed the button continuously pushed to keep the bulb lit. This didn’t matter to me as I placed them in strategic places that I would want lit if the power went out and would be charging when the power was on!I was SO impressed with them…

Anonymous says:

GOOD COLOR and BRIGHTNESS. Lasts around 3 hours. Excellent customer service. After reading about the different brands of rechargeable lights, their characteristics, their prices, and the customer reviews, I ordered a pack of four rechargeable 9 watt bulbs from JackonLux.Three of them arrived in good shape, but the fourth bulb arrived broken. (The part inside that encloses the LEDs had broken off; you could hear it rattling around when picking up the light. It turned on, but the “light” inside was rolling around and would not have been safe to use.)…

Anonymous says:

things you need to know The size of this light is similar to or slightly bigger than a typical LED light bulb that you normally use at a table lamp, it would still fits a table lamp without any problems. This light can be used a regular LED light bulb and be mounted in a lamp socket for daily use. One amazing aspect of this bulb is that it keeps on even when there is a power outage, as long as you flip on the light switch, and it will stay on for a few hours, which is very neat. During camping or outdoor events, this…

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