ROPODA Emergency Sleeping Bag Survival Bivy Sack – Use as Emergency Bivy Sack, Survival Sleeping Bag, Mylar Emergency Blanket-Includes Stuff Sack with Survival Whistle(2 Pack,Camouflage Color)

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The survival sleeping bags is engineered for survival featuring a compact, lightweight design and highly durable materials. Remove it from the sack and unfold it to use as an improvised survival shelter tent or sleeping bag. It also packs inside a tiny durable nylon stuff sack, keeping it compact for your bug out bag or camping gear.

Our emergency sleeping bags are made of extra-thick 12um polyethylene material, durable, tear-resistant and weather-resistant. Reflective interior reflects up to 90% of your body heat.

Just 4.1 ounces weight. Easy to store in bug out bag and tent camping gear.

Seam-sealed edges and waterproof material keep wind, rain, and snow out.

Reusable thermal bivy sack folds up into waterproof stuff sack.

Package Includes:

1 survival sleeping bag

1 survival whistle

1 metal buckle

1 stuff sack

No more worries about being stranded outdoors. With the ROPODA emergency sleeping bag, you’re always prepared.

Product Features

  • STAY WARM AND ALIVE IN EXTREME CONDITIONS – PE emergency sleeping bag serves as your emergency blanket, survival shelter, and bivy sack all-in-one to ensure you stay alive in an emergency. PE material is extremely resistant to cold and could retain 90% of a survival victim’s body heat.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT – Dimension: 3.9 ft x 6.56 ft(47.2*78.7 inches), enough to accommodate an adult; Lightweight at 4.3 oz. It can be compressed into a tiny stuff sack to fit in the palm of your hand, so you can carry this emergency sleeping bag with your survival kit everywhere you go without weighing yourself down.
  • INCREDIBLY DURABLE & EXTRA-THICK – The ultra-lightweight survival sleeping bag is constructed of 12um extra-thick waterproof mylar material, helping to keep you warmer in emergency situations. Plus, these emergency bivvy bags feature reinforced taped seams, creating weather-resistant barriers between you and the cold or rain.
  • EASY TO USE AND STORE – You can unpack the ultralight sleeping bag and slide inside – also use as a sleeping bag liner. When inside the stuff sack this bivy bag is just 2.75*4 inches. Comes with metal buckle. Keep it with your survival kit, in your bug out bag, tent camping gear, and ready for the harshest conditions Mother Nature throws at you.
  • ROPODA PROMISE – Customer satisfaction is our NO.1 priority. If you have any problems for this large outdoor game, please feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best to help you.


Anonymous says:

Great safety device at a great price great safety tool to take on back packing trips. Made of Mylar, with reinforced edges. High quality, packs down small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. When I’m not hiking, I’ll leave this in my jeep for emergency situations. Fits easily into my center console.

Anonymous says:

Great size So I haven’t actually use this. I hope I never have to. But I did buy it for an emergency situation. I plan on keeping it on my motorcycle. Then in the winter in my car. I opened it up and looked at it good size sealed on the all the way around. I was actually scared to open it up all the way cuz I was worried that I couldn’t get it back in the bag. Folded it right back. Got a right back in the bag easy. I think it’ll work perfect if ever needed. It also has a emergency whistle. Great product

Anonymous says:

Multiple great uses for mylar, everyone should have an emergency mylar sleeping bag! This product is an emergency use, mylar sleeping bag, which has been reinforced at the seems for strength. It is printed camoflauge on one side, normal mylar reflective inside. As with any mylar product, care must be taken not to rip it tear it but this is sufficiently strong for normal use. It’s big enough for a large man or two children. It comes with a whistle for getting attention, although the whistle isn’t terribly loud, it’s certainly louder than you could yell. The carrying bag, is…

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