SaphiRose Adjustable Tarp Poles Set of 2 for Tents,Camping,Shelters,Hiking,Awnings(Aluminum Pole)

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SaphiRose lightweight, adjustable tarp poles provide the perfect compliment to your tarp, trekking pole tent, or awning shelter.


Min. Length :35.44 in. (3 sections)

Max. Length :90.56 in. 

Weight (single pole) :17.64

1 Tube Diameter = 1.18 in.

2 Tube Diameter = 0.98 in.

3 Tube Diameter = 0.83 in.


Aluminum alloy


2 tarp poles ,2  rubber caps,4 aluminum alloy nails(for free)

Friendly Customer Service:

If you have any questions or concerns,please feel free to contact us

Product Features

  • PRACTICAL PORTABILITY – The lightweight tent poles is suitable for backpacking ,hiking,camping,hammocks, Shelters or awnings,
    adjustable tarp poles are your perfectly portable essential.
  • VERSATILE – Our adjustable tarp poles extend from less than 35.44 inches up to 90.56 inches, allowing you
    to always get the height you need to pitch your tent or tarp.Double holes in the pole head can be used to fix the wind rope.
    You can even combine the two poles to get a longer length if needed.
  • EASY TO INSTALL:The tent poles fully equipped with necessary tools(2 telescopic tarp poles,2 rubber caps,4 aluminum alloy nails),
    conveniect and easy to set up.The 4 aluminum alloy nails are for free!Once choose the tent poles,just get 4 aluminum alloy nails!
  • “TEAR-FREE”TARP POLES – The waterproof tent poles come with rubber caps to prevent tent from gale ,rain or snow,to avoid tent rips.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT -Each of poles comes in at only 17.64 oz.And,due to the versatile nature of our poles,
    you only need to bring the number of sections that you need, meaning no added weight in your pack.


Anonymous says:

Can’t have too many tarp poles I picked up several tarp poles, never know when I’ll need extras.

Anonymous says:

Very sturdy and adjustable I ordered this for my tent awning and it is perfect. In fact, because it is adjustable I can use it on multiple tents. It’s nice that they include caps for the metal tops so it can be used with a tarp without punching a hole. Very good product.

Anonymous says:

Excellent product Awesome quality. Took a chance on these and of all the camp gear I just purchased this was the surprise winner!There is so much Chinese junk out there on amazon but These are a cut above.Really love the quality of these for any car camping type application. Twist and lock poles held tight in high winds.

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