Sea to Summit Camp Cutlery Utensil Set, Charcoal

October 10, 2019 - Comment
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The Sea to SummitCamp Cutlery set is a durable, lightweight and dishwasher safe utensil set for backpacking, camping and picnicking. Made with BPA free, Food-grade glass reinforced polypropylene material. This material is heat-stable so the utensils are ideal for stirring backcountry meals and wont bend under heat. Includes small carabiner compatible holes at the base of each handle to clip them together. Includes spoon, fork and knife. Specs: Length: 7.25 in, Weight: 1.1 oz / 31g

Product Features

  • Best Use: A complete set of lightweight eating utensil to use while camping
  • Features: durable, lightweight and dishwasher safe utensil set with carabiner clip
  • Specs: Length: 7.25 in, Weight: 1.1 oz / 31g
  • Materials: BPA free, Glass-reinforced polypropylene. Hard wearing, dishwasher safe and heat stable
  • Food Utensil: Use for foods, soups, etc. Ergonomically designed for comfort


Anonymous says:

Perfect for work! Lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. I bought these not for camping, but for use at work so I could stop throwing out so many reusable plastic utensils. I did not want metal as it would mess up my plastic meal containers, so this is what I landed on.These work very well and are very lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. The fork is perfect size/shape and the knife is sufficiently sharp. My only complaint would be that the spoon is a bit deep, but it’s not really a complaint just the size is more bowl-like than the…

Anonymous says:

Nice set I didn’t give it 5 stars because I haven’t put them to use yet. My initial impression is that they feel durable and strong. Definitely not your regular plastic utensil. I added them to my disaster supplies because I read from real hikers that these are good to use in the cold. I do have the long titanium sporks for pouches, but this set will also give me a sense of normalcy if ever put in a survival position.

Anonymous says:

Good for travel bag I travel for work, and sometimes prefer taking carryout back to the hotel versus going out. I often had to scrounge for utensils. Now I can keep this in my travel case and always have utensils handy. They seem durable. I found a little bag that will keep them from getting damaged or cutting other items.

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