Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack,Yellow,XX-Large-35-Liter

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A less expensive and less bulky alternative to traditional dry bags. You can squash these into spots ordinary heavy dry bags won’t go. Fits into little corners of a sea kayak or light enough to take backpacking or adventure traveling. Not intended for situations where dry sack will be submerged under water. Proper Use: Any roll-top dry sack must be closed properly to ensure water can’t get in. Begin by folding the Hypalon strip down first and be sure to have at least three rolls before closing the buckle. Avoid contact with sharp objects or subjecting the sack to high abrasion, as this could compromise the waterproof fabric. Like all manufacturers of roll-top, fabric dry sacks, Sea to Summit recommends that sensitive electronic devices be ‘double bagged’ (i.e. putting electronics inside one dry sack then placing this inside a second dry sack). For maximum protection, the use of a waterproof hard case should be considered.

Product Features

  • XX-Small (1-Liter) 6″ flat x 9″; X-Small (2-Liter) 8″ flat x 12″; Small (4-Liter) 9″ flat x 15″; Medium (8-Liter) 6.5″ dia x 18″; Large (13-Liter) 8.5″ dia x 21″; X-Large (20-Liter) 10″ dia x 24″; XX-Large (35-Liter) 12″ dia x 27″
  • Much lighter weight and more “packable” than traditional boating dry bags
  • A lot less expensive than other dry bags on the market
  • Designed for backpacking, adventure travel and water sports
  • Bright white inner laminate for easy visibility of contents


Jason E. Davis says:

Portable Diaper Champ! Might seem a bit off its intented purpose but our family uses these bags for our cloth diapers. It does an excellent job sealing in the not so pleaseant odors and any other materials until we get home and wash the diapers. It holds up great and servers the purpose wonderfully since it folds completely flat when empty and is easy to clean out by dropping right in the washer (DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER, hence why I had to buy this as a replacement for the previous one).

J. Donaldson says:

Good quality Great. I’ve had a Sea to Summit bag of this size for several years. I use it to hold all of my pocket items when we are boating. That way my electronic car keys, wallet, and other items stay dry even if I drop the bag or it gets splashed. I finally tore a small hole in the old bag so immediately ordered this replacement. I did get the yellow so it would be easy to see should it end up in a lake.

blank Rebecca says:

Great dry bags! I bought this to keep my clothes dry while backpacking… just wish I had gotten a size bigger. I have three of these now in all different sizes and I really like them!But please note that these are different from a waterproof dry bag. That is, I am sure if you left one of these out in heavy rain, stuff would be damp.

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