SGT KNOTS Mesh Bag USA Made (Small) 550 Paracord Drawstring Bag – Ventilated Washable Reusable Stuff Sack for Laundry, Gym Clothes, Swimming, Camping, Divingl (15 inch x 22 inch – Neon Lime)

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Product Features

  • MESH BAG – A high-quality reusable polyester mesh bag features ultra-strong 550 paracord drawstring. Perfect stuff bag for gym clothes, laundry, and swimming gear.
  • DURABLE POLYESTER – Lightweight polyester has a natural resistance to moisture, UV rays, chemicals, and weather. Mesh design allows ample air flow and keeps essential items and clothing organized, smell-free, secure, and visible.
  • EMERGENCY CORD – The 550 paracord drawstring bag keeps clothes and gear tightly packed in without the worry of zipper malfunctions. The tie line can be removed and used as an emergency supply of paracord. Ideal for hunting, backpacking, and all outdoor activities.
  • SIZE and COLOR – Choose from a wide range of sizes (12 inch – 36 inch x 15 inch – 45 inch), with or without shoulder straps. SGT KNOTS Mesh Bag / Tote Bag / Laundry Bag is available in: Black, Red, Kelly Green, Orange, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Gold, Purple, Neon Yellow, Neon Lime, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Navy Blue, and Gray.
  • VETERAN OWNED and OPERATED – Polyester Mesh Bag made in the USA. Just like the Marine Corps, SGT KNOTS is committed to being the best of the best. We continue to live by the motto, Semper Fidelis—Always Faithful. Our loyalty to our customers is what makes us who we are, and the reason we continue to grow in popularity and product offerings. We promise to maintain the strength and consistency of our products. We also pass down our bulk savings to our customers.


Anonymous says:

Holds up! Love the 24×30 bag! I used it for the first time this weekend. Tossed in clothing, a pillow, and other stuff. My pack weighed a good bit but bag showed no signs of weakness or damage. Another thing, other than saving weight or drying out wet clothing, you can find WHERE your items are in the stuff bag rather than needing to dig through a typical bag trying to find one item.UPDATE: I used my first purchase when traveling. It worked great in my checked bag to keep things in place…

Anonymous says:

Perfect for sleeping bag storage. If you are unaware that you should NEVER use your sleeping bag’s stuff sack for long-term storage, then let me explain. The stuff sack is designed to compress your sleeping bag as much as possible in order to make it easier to pack. However, when left in the stuff sack, your bag will lose much of its loft and insulation value. because of how tightly it is compressed. The proper size SGT KNOTS Mesh Bag allows you to store your bag for long periods of time and not harm it What is the proper…

Anonymous says:

Exactly what I was looking for I have a very unique need for this type of bag. I needed a better way to organize my clothes in my duffel bag when camping. It’s difficult to rummage around in a duffel bag at night with limited lighting trying to find your thermals. Then come morning, when you’re trying to find your daytime clothes and the mess you made the night before trying to find your thermals is making it impossible to find what you’re looking for! There are some very expensive “packing cubes” that other…

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