SGT KNOTS Nylon Paracord / 550 Cord 200 feet on Spool (Black)

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200 feet of SGT KNOTS 550 paracord. Outer nylon sheath with a 7 strand inner core. Commercial grade paracord that is Made in the USA. 550 pound tensile strength with a diameter of only 5/32″. Spool may have 1 or more splices. Not to be used for life saftey.

Product Features

  • 100% Nylon Paracord – 200 feet on spool
  • 7 twisted inner strands
  • 550+ pound tensile strength
  • Made in USA
  • SGT KNOTSĀ® is a Veteran Owned Business


Alaska Moutian Man says:

READ THIS, ITS WORTH READING I have bought 5 spools of various colors from SGT KNOTS. I can say without a doubt that there seems to be no consistency in the quality of their 550 para cord. As stated my many this is not Mil Spec Cord! It is COMMERCIAL 550 CORD, NOT PARA CORD. Even with that said they still have no consistency. I have gotten 6 strand and 7 strand. Some of it you can pull the strands out and use them, and some seem to be a mess of puffed up yarn. The 6-7 strand cord seems to most job well. If you are…

Gregory Millar says:

Good stuff, but check your cores. While the cord is listed as 7 strand core 550 paracord, the cord I received only had 6 internal strands for the entire length of the cord. This appears to have been due to a manufacturing defect and, after I left some hot-headed and unkind seller feedback, the seller was willing to provide a non-defective replacement at no further cost to me. I’ve encountered very, very few sellers who are willing to go this extra mile, so I urge buyers with grievances to contact Sgt. Knots directly before…

M. Emaus says:

Great starting out until you find the places it’s taped together I bought this about a year ago for various craft projects. At first, very pleased with what I received. Not exactly the para cord material I’m used to using when I was in the military, but overall good quality. That is until I came across the first spot the pieces were taped together, about 200-300 feet into the roll. I ran into it about while making a belt (3/4 of the way into the belt with about 50 feet of cord woven). It forced me to start over and about 30 feet into the second attempt,…

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