Shacke Pak – 5 Set Medium/Small Packing Cubes – Travel Organizers (Gentlemen’s Blue)

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Pack More Clothes in a Small Space For Your Next Trip

One of the toughest things to do while packing for a trip is fitting everything you want to bring with you into your luggage. Our packing cube system fixes that issue by neatly packing all your clothes tightly into our space saving bags. It allows you to easily store and organize your clothing that makes it easy to pack and even easier to unpack. Your clothes will stay more wrinkled free and not get crushed during your travels.

Shacke Pak is made with a high quality durable water resistant nylon material built to withstand the wear and tears of travel. It is reinforced with a X-Design web stitching made specifically to prevent the fabric from folding in the middle, allowing for a more secure packing experience. Our bags are 4 inch deep giving you enough space to pack more clothing. Finally, we’ve used YKK zippers on all our cubes. YKK zippers are the world’s largest high quality manufacturer of zipper and are known for their smooth sturdy zippers.

Shacke Pak Overview:

-5 Packing Cubes – 4 x Medium (13.75×9.75×4) 1 x Small (11″ x 6.75″ x 4″)

How to care for your packing cubes:
– Hand washing cubes is the best way to ensure the cubes do not get damaged
– Wash only with cold water
– Hang dry only
– DO NOT put the cubes in the washing machine, even if it is on gentle or delicate cycle
– DO NOT put fabric conditioner of any kind

Product Features

  • 5 Packing Cubes – 4 x Medium (13.75×9.75×4) 1 x Small (11″ x 6.75″ x 4″)
  • Made From High Quality Water Resistant Nylon Material to Withstand the Wear and Tear of Traveling
  • X Design with Double Stitching – Creates a Strong Reinforced Lid to Hold Your Clothes in Place and Prevents the Bag Material in the Middle to Fold Upwards.
  • 4 inch Deep Design Allows You to Fit All The Clothes You Need into Our Bags
  • High Quality YKK Zippers with Extended Zipper Cord


Anonymous says:

OSPREY FAIRPOINT 40 W/ SHACKE PAK MEDIUM PACKING CUBES I crunched the numbers and I should of been able to fix four medium packing cubes into my Osprey Fairpoint 40 – and I did. I had to cram them into the bag but it worked. Side note, I only use two of the medium bags and the small bag when traveling.The packing cubes are nice, decent quality, and look good – I’d recommend them.

Anonymous says:

Hasn’t drastically decreased the amount of space but at least I’m ORGANIZED. I heard about packing cubes from a friend and these looked the most quality built from the picture. After using them for several weeks (I’m a pilot and change locations pretty much every week to two weeks) they’ve held up great!I can’t really say that they’ve drastically reduced the amount of space that my clothes have taken up (I over pack to spend months on the road sometimes). However, they definitely keep things easier. I thought it would take up a lot of extra time to pack…

blank Anonymous says:

Very handy for organizing and rearranging I was skeptical of these at first, assuming they would take up more space themselves than they were worth. Boy, was I wrong. These are very useful for packing lots of clothes or small items. I got a set as a gift for Christmas and discovered their worth while packing for a cruise with my wife. These packing cubes make it very easy to organize and rearrange things within a suitcase without having to repack clothing that gets unfolded or unrolled every time you move something. I bought this set…

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