Shadow OPS Heavy Duty Camping Axe with Case Earth Tone

September 8, 2019 - Comment
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For camping and survival, fire is chief among the essentials. You need it to boil your drinking water, and to cook your food. To keep warm at night and in the cold, and the smoke fends off nocturnal predators. You need two things for a fire: fuel, and ignition. The Shadow Ops Tactical Axe series has you covered on both. An heavy duty axe and a firestarer made of high temperature sparking ferrocerium. Shadow Ops is the ultimate maker of tactical tools and this is no exception. With a steady weight all around, even though it is heavy duty, the extremely durable ABS Plastic handle keeps the axe lightweight so it can be carried anywhere. The blade is razor sharp and is ready for limbs, thin trees and brush. When you’ve gathered enough wood, you can strike the included fire starter to start the most essential part of camping: the fire. The protective case that it comes with it has velcro and two buttons keep it firmly in place. The axe is available in 3 colors including green, black, and earth tone.

Product Features

  • 16 inch overall length – Perfect length for great leverage without getting in the way. 4 inch Blade Height – Make quick work of tree limbs and thin trees
  • Every fire needs two things: Fuel, and Ignition. The Shadow Ops Tactical Axe Series provides both. Once you’ve gathered the fuel with the axe, strike the fire starter rod into your fuel to ignite your camp fire.
  • 1045 Surgical Steel Axe Blade – Easy to Sharpen and Holds a Great Edge
  • Black Nylon Sheath for Blade Cover Featuring Belt Loop for Easy Carry
  • Heavy Duty ABS Plastic Handle – Lightweight and Durable


Anonymous says:

Good product, can be improve Good sharp edge, balanced weight and comfortable handle, could use a rubber grip on the outside for extra grip.The cover that come with it is kind of loose, the button didn’t stick together very well and come off easily with a slight yank, which could leads to the axe falling out of the cover if not careful

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