Silva Guide 2.0 Compass

November 7, 2019 - Comment
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A  traditional mirror sighting compass commonly used by serious compass users such as hikers, mountaineers, backpackers and hunters.

Product Features

  • Detachable lanyard with safety release
  • Map measuring scales of 1:24k, 1:62.5k mile, inch (1/20th)
  • DryFlex Rubber grip allows easy handling of the compass/great grip
  • Declination scale inside the capsule to simplify the calculations required
  • Night use / luminous markings enable night time navigation up to 4 hours once activated by daylight/flashlight


Anonymous says:

Good compass but no luminous markings When I received my compass it had no luminous properties what so ever. The Amazon listing said the markings would glow for up to 4 hours after being in a light source. It doesn’t glow at all for any amount of time even after being under a 60 w light bulb. In the sellers defense the packaging said it would glow as they listed. I really wanted this feature so I returned the item thinking it was defective. The next compass was the same. No glow. I contacted the seller asking what I needed to…

Anonymous says:

Good for what it is. Not global needle. No magnetic declination adjustment. Doesn’t glow. Nothing flashy, nothing special. It points north with a good scale and has a decent mirror. Some cheaper ones can do the same thing, but they aren’t nearly as reliable. Can’t remember the last time I went marching through the woods a night without a headlamp. Glow is overrated. Never had a Silva break, and I have tried. Well, there was one time when a Ranger collided with an axe.

blank Anonymous says:

Silva Guide 2.0 Compass I purchased this Silva Guide 2.0 Compass to use while backpacking. This compass makes orientating a map to the terrain quite easy, which is why I purchased this model. It is fairly durable and unlike GPS uses no batteries, just a functioning brain and a map, which all people exploring the the outdoors should employ.

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