Smoky Mountain Growlers Stainless Steel Water Bottle Growler All-in-One 32 Ounce (Orange)

January 25, 2020 - Comment
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Stainless Steel Water Bottle Growler All-In-One. Simply put, this bottle allows you to transport of your choice beverage with degrading the temperature or flavor for extreme amounts of time. We only use high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel to protect the contents and flavor. Our double wall insulated jug will keep your contents cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Cold up to 3 Days when primed. Lifetime Warranty

Product Features

  • High Quality Food Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Double Wall Insulated – Doesn’t Sweat
  • BPA FREE – 100% Recyclable
  • Cold up to 24 hours / Hot up to 12 hours – Cold up to 3 DAYS primed


Anonymous says:

Works well It’s OK. The orange cerakote finish was pretty thin on the bottom of mine. Not a big deal, but I would have expected the finish to be perfect on a premium priced growler. I’ve only used it a handful of times (primarily to keep ice cold water in my truck for post MTB ride consumption). It seems to keep things cold just fine for the 4-5 hours it’s in the hot interior of my truck. Overall, I recommend it but question if it’s worth the extra expense vs. cheaper alternatives.

Anonymous says:

It’s useless as a beer growler I’m a little conflicted as to how to rate this growler. As a water bottle, maybe a 3.5, possibly a 4 if I’d gotten the flip top lid option. As a beer growler, I’d give it a 1. I’ll be generous today and give it a 3 overall. The solid lid feels gritty when it’s being screwed on and off, unlike other similar stainless growlers I’ve handled which are almost silky smooth. I’m a relatively strong guy and I have to tighten it almost to the point of exhaustion to keep it from leaking. This makes…

blank Anonymous says:

Buy this and don’t look back! I love this thing! It is perfect for any beverage, and keeps my beer ice cold. 32 oz is a great size, perfect for an all day sipper on a beach trip. I love the orange color, I think it’s so much more unique over black or silver. Keeps beer drinkable all day. From personal usage, the beer loses its really crisp/cold taste after about 8 hours depending on where I am. Living in California, I’m sure its also due to the weather. Thankfully, my beer never lasts that long without being finished…

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