Snow Peak Cafe Press Filter

December 28, 2018 - Comment
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An all Titanium French Press is the perfect way to enjoy great coffee in the backcountry, while at the same time minimizing the weight in your pack.

Product Features

  • Perfect for the camper who wants the best coffee, even outdoors
  • Superb titanium construction makes 3 cups of coffee at a time
  • Perfect for backpacking at a weight of only 6.3 oz. – See more at:


Anonymous says:

Great French press for 1-2 people. I’ve been using this French press daily for the past several weeks. I typically make 2 cups at a time and use coursley ground coffee. This has worked great. There are a few small coffee grinds that get past the filter but I avoid them by not taking the last sip. Very light weight and I’ve taken it traveling with me, but not camping yet.

Anonymous says:

Cool and well made but not ideal. Well constructed and makes coffee. Nests inside the 550ml mug. Those complaining about grounds in their coffee have forgotten that they are camping. Hard to clean on the trail. You’re basically going to have coffee residue on the strainer until you get home again. There are far more compact methods to make coffee.Give time before shipping as it spent a week in customs while being shipped from Japan.

Anonymous says:

Unique product that functions well for the money I’ve been using this french press for over a month now and love it. It is small, lightweight, and seems to be hefty enough to withstand bumps and dings even though it is single wall titanium. I took the papery/mesh screen off of the normal metal screen and it seems to work just as fine. I read other reviews saying that additional silky screen allowed grounds to get through for whatever reason. I have had little to no grounds get through the filter so far. I mean, it is a french press, so it is…

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