Snow Peak H450 Titanium Double Walled Stackable Cup

September 11, 2019 - Comment
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Our Titanium stacking double walled insulated mugs come in a variety of sizes and nest together to take up minimal space.

Product Features

  • Double Walled, Insulated Titanium mug
  • Variety of sizes enable easy stacking
  • Designed for easy grasping without handles


Anonymous says:

This is an odd thing. If you are looking at this review, then you’re probably as crazy as I am. No one needs a $50 cup that will last until the end of time … but here it is sitting on my desk and I love it. It is what it’s supposed to be. Built perfectly and … well, it’s a titanium cup. Want to join the crazy train with me … buy a set and stack them in the cupboard. Your descendants will think you were nuts and thank you.

Anonymous says:

Excellent craftsmanship, quick delivery Another WIN! from Snow Peak. This completes my double wall titanium 3 cup collection. The 450 is everything I expected. Excellent craftsmanship, quick delivery. AS soon as it arrived, I washed it off and filled it with the first thing I could see…Ice and Cream Soda 🙂 I love the thermal properties of this double wall titanium hot or cold the outer wall keeps the temperature relatively stable. Hot stay’s hot longer and cold stay’s cold longer, what else could anyone ask for.I now have…

Anonymous says:

Found a nice lid for the H450 Very nice cup. I found the lid made by snow peak for this cup to be clunky and poorly designed. However I took the lid from my and it fits perfectly and elegantly inside and below the lip of the cup and has curves that flow well with the titanium lip. The KK lid is also more shallow and has a much more appropriately sized hole than the SP lid. The KK lid also has a…

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