Snow Peak Titanium Spork

June 13, 2017 - Comment
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Never underestimate the power of spork, especially not our Titanium Spork. One minute its your fork, the next minute its your spoon and the following minute it your stirrer. Your welcome.

Product Features

  • The four claws at the tip of the spork can be used as a fork
  • Food can be scooped as with a spoon making it great for soups
  • You can cut soft food using the curved side


Courtney C says:

Best utensil EVERRRR This is the only review I’ve ever bothered writing for a product. I just had to tell you all how incredible this spork is!!! Holy crap. It’s the coolest college kid (or any kid/adult) kitchen utensil ever. Mac n cheese, soup, veggies… this spork does it all! It has sharp enough points to easily stab and hold a raw carrot and it has a round/large enough spoon feature to carry watery broth to your mouth without spills. 

Karl says:

Vargo, Toaks, Light My Fire, Snow Peak Attatched in a pick of my bunch of titanium forks. From left to right is Vargo, Toaks, Light My Fire, and two Snow Peaks. 

blank S. Mayo says:

The perfection will make you weep I don’t know why a titanium spork is such a fun thing to own. But it is. I got mine as a gift and I.. just.. like.. using it. 

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