Sparkling ICE, Cherry Limeade Sparkling Water, with Antioxidants & Vitamins, Zero Sugar, 17 Fl Oz Bottles (Pack Of 12)

February 21, 2020 - Comment
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Try Cherry Limeade – We put together the sweetness of fresh cherries mixed with a hint of tangy lime to create a flavor so out of this world. Taste it from space!

Product Features

  • Now with colors and flavors from natural sources
  • Always bursting wth real fruit flavor
  • Zero Sugar
  • Each bottle has antioxidants and vitamins


Anonymous says:

UPDATE: Used to be a great product, now it’s just overpriced diet soda. Where’s the juice?! Update March 2019: I have been a regular subscriber of 3 cases a month of Sparkling Ice for a few years. I LOVED the stuff. It was plenty diabetic/keto-friendly with its 3% real juice and it tasted not merelt great, but REALISTIC. Then, sometime in the last year or so, I just stopped wanting to drink it as much. The flavor was no longer exciting. The mock mulled cider I made with it this Christmas fell flat. I thought I’d just lost my taste for it until I saw that another reviewer had noticed…

Anonymous says:

Artificial Sweetener Alert! I used to drink these Sparkling Ice waters in all flavors every day. They all taste GREAT, my favorite was Black Raspberry. However, I just discovered that they contain sucralose which is just another harmful artificial sweetener. The only safe sweeteners are Stevia, Agave, and Raw Honey. I have stopped drinking/eating anything with harmful artificial sweeteners since they have been linked to many diseases, including dementia and the increase in Atzheimers disease patients.

blank Anonymous says:

There are two different products being sent out, and one is an IMPOSTER! I’ve been ordering this product monthly for over a year. These past few shipments have been off, and the packaging is different. It is obvious they are from two different manufacturers. The full bottle is the imposter and has no pink ribbon on the label, the label photo is different, and if you look at the bottle, you can see on the back that the legitimate product has a 3% Juice Content label on the back up top, and the imposter has a 1% Juice Content. There are also other differences on the…

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