Spy Spot 2018 New 4G LTE GL300MA Portable GPS Tracker with Real Time Live Locator, Includes Large Extended Battery and Magnetic Weatherproof Case

August 5, 2019 - Comment
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The Spy Spot 4G LTE GL300MA is a portable GPS Tracking device with an improved chipset and stronger cellular signal than the GL 200, GL 300, and GL 300W. The 4G LTE GL300MA has a built in motion sensor as well as a sleek black exterior. The GPS Tracker can update as often as 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes interval when in motion. The extended battery is a weatherproof case that features up to 4 months of extended battery life (Depending on motion, location, and interval). The extended battery is easily rechargeable and a wall charger plug is included. The 4G LTE GL300MA fits inside the large case with a magnet at the bottom which can be used to attach to any magnetic surface. The 4G LTE GL300MA can be viewed from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. The GPS Tracking software will provide information such as a six month report history, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, street view, miles per hour, and more. Monthly service is required which can be paid month to month as well as an Activation Fee. Worldwide service now available starting at $29 per month. SPECIAL: $18 per month if paid for 12 Months of service & $30 Activation fee, to take advantage of this promotion contact us at 561-279-3939

Product Features

  • 4G LTE GPS Tracker is
    the Most Reliable GPS Tracker on the Market. 
    This is the only Portable 4G LTE GPS Tracker Sold Anywhere.
  • 4 Month Extended Battery Included.  This is the Longest Lasting Battery on the Market.  Charge up the GPS and Extended Battery for the Longest Possible Battery Life. The GPS Tracker Can Update as soon as 1 Minute Intervals. When the GPS is Stationary it will  Automatically Stop Reporting to Conserve the Battery.
  • The GPS Tracker Can Update as soon as 1 Minute Intervals. View Detailed Reports from any Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer.  Reports Provide Information Such as Battery Life, Miles per Hour, Exact Location.  The Reports are Saved for 6 Months.
  • Weatherproof Case Can Withstand Extreme Conditions of Rain, Sleet, and Snow.  The Magnet is Rated at 75 Pounds of Pull Force.
  • $18 Per Month if Purchased with 12 Months of Service & $30 Activation Fee.  $24.95 for Individual Monthly Service.


Anonymous says:

Excellent battery life and strong magnet! The battery life is amazing compared to other trackers i’ve used. The magnet is very strong so i don’t have to worry about the tracker moving. Software is really easy to use

Anonymous says:

Just as advertised I have used this tracker to track all kind of things. Everything from my child’s driving habits to where the cheating wife went and it worked like a charm. Easy to use and very accurate. I purchased the extended battery and case and I have used it for a couple of months on one charge. I would highly recommend.

Anonymous says:

Works as advertised Perfect for tracking that cheating tramp! Now that she’s gone, the kids can’t figure out how I know when they go where they aren’t suppose to be. The only negative is that the battery life is about 1/2 of what they tell you to expect. Since I wired it into the electrical system, that’s not a problem anymore.

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