Spy Tec GL-HM Waterproof Weatherproof Magnetic Case for STI GL300 Real-Time GPS Trackers

May 31, 2017 - Comment
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You need your GPS Tracker to do its job under any condition, and if you want to keep your GL300 tracker looking and functioning like new, a quality case is essential. Not only does the GL300 case protect your tracker with a durable outer layer of PC and ABS plastics, but it significantly enhances the function of the tracker. By applying the magnetic case to any flat, metal surface, you can effectively mount your tracker anywhere in, on, or underneath your vehicle. The case also has a fully waterproofed exterior, protecting the tracker from exposure to rain, snow, or dirt while outside a vehicle. With the GL300 case, you can be assured that your tracker stays functional no matter the circumstance, whether you run over a pothole, drive off-road, or expose your tracker to the harshest elements. Features: Constructed of PC and ABS for durability Firm magnetic mount Compact size Suitable for use with GL-200.

Product Features

  • Magnetic Weatherproof Case – Provides FIRM Magnetic Mount which is the key to knowing the Spy Tec GLCase will remain securely attached
  • The sturdy and waterproof design is perfect for long term GPS tracking, suitable for use on moving vehicles outdoors – keeping the interior safe from moisture and corrosion
  • Compatible with: GL-200, GL-300 (and all compatible models) and any other units that will fit inside of the secure casing
  • Includes 2 Powerful Magnets to Attach to Any Flat Metal Surface
  • This extremely cover design measures only 5″ x 2.2″ x 1.4″ and is built with disable PC and ABS plastics for long term protection and monitoring


Giselle M says:

This is a great product! Before purchasing I read the mixed reviews. This is an excellent product that if you take the time to play with it will see it gives you more than just latitude and longitude, especially if you use the map it, which works with Google maps.Confirm where your vehicle has been taken and catch him out on his lies. Then walk away with peace of mind.

Crystal says:

Magnet is super strong. Holds under any weather condition and terrain Magnet is super strong. Holds under any weather condition and terrain! Vehicle driven for 2mos for over several hundred miles on long highways, backroads, etc….. Great product!

Courtney R. says:

Magnetic Case That Does Not Hold I ordered this in January to track trips and thwart theft of my motorcycle. At first, I was really impressed with how strong the magnets were and how easily it attached to the chassis of the motorcycle. I had to really struggle to pull the device off the chassis. Then I actually took the motorcycle on a long trip and lost the case – plus the tracking unit inside! Those strong magnets? Those were still attached to the motorcycle chassis. 

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