Spytec M6 6 Month Extended Battery + Magnetic Waterproof Case for STI_GL300 GL300MA

September 9, 2019 - Comment
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If you’ve already purchased the STI_GL300or GL300MA GPS Tracker and you need some extra battery life, this is the accessory for you. With the 6-Month Battery Pack and Weatherproof Case, you can extend the life of your battery and protect your GPS tracker. You can use these add-ons with your STI_GL300 to track a vehicle, person, or an asset for up to 6 months. Enhance your tracking experience with the ultimate accessory package.

The included case is designed to fit both the STI_GL300 (or GL300MA) and the 6-Month Battery Pack. Keeping everything in one secure case will help you protect your GPS tracker. It comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around without drawing attention to yourself. The case is also completely weatherproof, giving you the freedom to use your GL300 in almost any setting. It protects your GPS tracker from the rain, mud, and snow. You can track a vehicle or a piece of equipment outdoors without worrying about the weather.

The sides of the case are completely magnetic, making it easy to mount onto vehicles and other metallic surfaces. The case attaches securely, so your GPS tracker will always stay on target. You can leave your STI_GL300 tucked under a car for months on end without worrying about the device falling off or getting lost.

With the 6-Month Battery Pack, you only have to charge your STI_GL300 twice a year. Normally, the STI_GL300 will only stay charged for two weeks. Perfect for long-term tracking, the extra battery life will help you cover more ground. You can track someone as they take a trip around the world, or watch over your employees as they make deliveries all over the country.

The 6-Month Battery Pack and Weatherproof Case are must-have accessories if you plan on tracking anything for more than two weeks at a time. When it comes to GPS tracking, you never know how long you may need to keep an eye on someone or something. Make the most out of your STI_GL300 with a 6-Month

Product Features

  • Perfect for long-term GPS tracking without continuous charging of your device. Lasts up to 6+ months (based on 60 second updates and normal usage)
  • Waterproof, crush proof and impervious to dust and liquids and all weather elements
  • Securely and covertly fastens to any vehicle or metal surface with its industrial strength magnets
  • Compatible with the STI GL300 and STI GL300MA GPS tracker
  • Clean and compact interior design for your tracker to fit perfectly and securely


Anonymous says:

Terrible instructions May as well not even include any instructions, terribly written

Anonymous says:

Worked only for a short time It did not work after the first test. Customer service told me they would reset my device multiple times. Then told me to position it facing the road . I believe you shouldn’t have to cautiously position it.

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