Stainless Steel Egg Steamer Rack for Instant Pot (2PC) | BONUS Plate Gripper | Stackable Steaming Stand for Pressure Cooker | Multipurpose Boiled Egg Cooker, Vegetable & Meat Steam Basket

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Convenience Meets Performance

Pssssst! Want to know the secret to cooking the perfect boiled eggs? Ones that peel with impressive ease? Just use your
pressure cooker with this stainless steel steamer rack! It keeps your eggs separated while cooking and is designed with unique
high feet for even better water flow. So your eggs come out evenly cooked every time. And no more taking ages to hard-boil that
tray of eggs; our steaming rack set holds up to 14 at a go! Just stack the 2 rack pieces in your instant pot or pressure cooker
and start cooking with convenience.

Experience the Difference

Not all metal pressure cooking racks are created equal. Some are made using 201 stainless steel that easily rusts. Others
struggle to fit in standard pressure cookers. We’ve thoughtfully designed ours with superior durability and functionality in mind.
You’ll never have to worry about corrosion. We’ve used 304 food-grade stainless steel – the best there is – and crafted our
rack using 3mm wires for enhanced sturdiness. And with a total stackable height of 4.7″, the steam rack set will comfortably fit
in pressure cookers 6qts or larger. Don’t risk it with hit and miss steamer racks. Get one that’s guaranteed to fit and last.

Not limited to just eggs; here are more ways to enjoy this steamer rack set:

– Very convenient for steaming both meats and veggies at a go.

– Makes a lovely hot plate trivet for protecting your surfaces.

– Great display stand for that fruit plate or platter.

– Can be used to grill meats in the microwave.

– Works as a stylish cooling rack or pot stand rack.

– Backed by a no-hassle lifetime warranty

Upgrade your kitchen with a touch of convenience, versatility, and durability completely risk-free.

Product Features

  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Unlike other egg steamer rack stands that easily corrode, bend, or leach metals once exposed to high heat, our 2-piece steam rack set is made using premium 304 food-grade stainless in extra-thick 3mm wires. This means no rust, enhanced durability, and safe cooking.
  • RESULTS YOU’LL LOVE: Make cooking eggs with your instant pot faster and so much easier. Our stackable steam rack basket set can cook up to 14 eggs at once and has unique high feet for better water flow and even cooking. So your eggs come out perfectly done and very easy to peel every time.
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Get a steamer pot rack that fits your Instant Pot or other pressure cooker perfectly. The upper egg cooker rack is 5.9″ (D) x 2.6″ (H), the lower one is 6.9″ (D) x 2.1″ (H), and both are 4.7″ in height once stacked. They make a great addition to your IP-DUO 50, IP-DUO 60, IP-LUX 60, IP-DUO 80, and other instant pots and pressure cookers that are 6qts or larger.
  • TOUCH OF VERSATILITY: This isn’t just an egg cooker steamer rack. It can also be used as a general food steamer for meats and veggies, as a microwave grill rack, as a pot stand or cooling rack, a trivet for hot plates, or as a fruit plate stand. Grab an extra set for extra versatility in the kitchen.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: You have nothing to lose. Our multipurpose instapot/ pressure cooker steamer rack is backed by a lifetime warranty. Experience any issues? We’ll quickly send you a replacement. Start making cooking incredibly convenient completely risk-free!


Anonymous says:

I wish I would have bought this months ago!!! I am absolutely in love with the egg steamer rack. I eat hard boiled eggs everyday and this has turned cooking them into a breeze! So fast, so simple, easy clean up, and a convinient holder to lift it out of the instapot without burning my fingers!!! My husband has used it for a few other things besides eggs and says it works perfectly.

Anonymous says:

Hard boiled eggs start to finish in 10 minutes including peeling. I’ve been wanting an egg rack for my instapot for a while now & this one popped up & I got it. Boy am I glad I did! 5 minutes in the cooker and I made perfect hard boiled eggs, now I did let them come to room temperature first, but now I’m gonna have to make more tomorrow at the rate my husband is eating them, he said it’s the best hard cooked eggs he’s had in a while. I love the double stack feature this has too, fits fine in my pot.EDIT: since my original review I have made eggs…

Anonymous says:

Great addition for the instant pot I love making hard boiled eggs in the instant pot. It’s quick and most importantly, produces extremely easy to peel eggs. The trouble is that when using the standard insert, I can only fit about 6 eggs and have had issues with the eggs cracking.This egg rack solves those problems. You can boil 14 eggs at one time, and the slots reduce the risk of eggs cracking. The included tongs make handing the hot racks easy.If you go thru a lot of hard boiled eggs, this would be a great product…

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