Strictly Briks Classic Baseplates 10″ x 10″ Brik Tower 100% Compatible with All Major Brands | Building Bricks for Towers and More | 4 Black Stackable Base Plates & 30 Stackers

June 18, 2019 - Comment
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Our new and improved 2×2 Stackers have increased stability to make sure your creations stand stronger than ever.
These stackable baseplates and Stackers are compatible with all market leading interlocking brick-based toys.
These baseplates could be stacked into one large, 4 layer tall tower, two 2 layer towers, or just as stand-alone base plates for ground level building.
The mini-figures, action figures, and cars shown in the images are for demonstration purposes only and are not included with this set. Strictly Briks is not affiliated with any of the brands shown in the demonstration images.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In addition to Amazon’s standard Return Policy, as the manufacturer we offer a full refund or replacement guarantee for 1 (one) full year. Thank you for choosing Strictly Briks.

Product Features

  • CLASSIC SIZE, GUARANTEED TIGHT FIT: Strictly Briks classic building bricks play nice with other toys and are 100% guaranteed to be compatible with all major brands.¬† Our classic size products are a guaranteed tight fit with any standard size building bricks, no matter what existing brand of¬†building bricks or construction brick sets your child already owns. Help your child build a city and become a creator without spending a fortune
  • CREATIVITY HAS ITS BASE WITH STRICTLY BRIKS: Let your imagination run wild! Our baseplates allow you to take your building to a whole new level. Quickly and easily build a tower, a skyscraper, parking garage, castle, or other structure that stands out above the rest! Unlike other brands, this unique base plate has a bottom that is designed to be stacked and combined with your existing bricks for tons of different construction possibilities. Stack em’ up!
  • AFFORDABLE, TOP QUALITY: Building and imagining never gets old – a single purchase will bring years of fun! All Strictly Briks products are built to premium standards, and are a guaranteed tight fit with all major building block sets. They will not easily break or bend, and will keep your family imagining for years to come
  • PERFECT TOY DISPLAY: Use this base plate set to maximize play space and conveniently organize all kinds of toys, from mini-figures and action figures to toy cars and more. Use your creativity to showcase any of your child’s toys in one easy display. Use the baseplates to create building tables or mats or simply lay them out over the floor at playtime
  • INCLUDED IN THE SET: 4 stackable plates that measure 10″ x 10″ each (32 x 32 standard size pegs) and 30 patent pending Stackers (2 x 2 standard size pegs) in black. The full set is backed by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence and enjoy the hundreds of unique Strictly Briks building sets you won’t find anywhere else


Anonymous says:

Great concept, not sturdy enough for play This concept is great, and we had high hopes, but in reality, the boards are too flimsy to withstand being moved after it’s assembled, and the connectors pop off (taking down the whole level) if much pressure is put on the boards. It’s not sturdy enough to attach/detach pieces during play while it’s constructed. The boards can be combined to create a sturdier board — but then you have half as many boards, and the connectors still don’t have a solid fit to the bottom of the boards. Ours went…

Anonymous says:

Ok, but not perfect I bought these mainly because I wanted stack-able baseplates in a specific color (red). They will probably end up sufficing for what I need them for but I do not think they are as good as other stack-able compatibles on Amazon. I would recommend Brickyard’s baseplates instead, but they have limited colors. The main issue with these is the bottom of the baseplate attachment holes. Competitor’s (including Brickyard’s) have the attachment holes throughout the bottom which, not only provide…

blank Anonymous says:

Your builds will crash to the floor and break Do not buy these. They may look like Legos, but they don’t lock like Legos. They are so non-locking you cannot let go of the legs before putting the top on because the legs will just fall over. They don’t lock to each other or the boards but rather are dependent on the weight of the board to hold them in place. As you can imagine, they don’t tolerate the slightest movement before collapsing. My son put his favorite small Lego creations on this and it collapsed with the lightest brush,…

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