STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair Heavy Duty Portable Camping and Lounge Travel Outdoor Seat with Built-in Lumbar Support, Blue, 2.0 (New for 2019)

September 4, 2019 - Comment
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Great comfort while sitting low to the ground due to the patented frame-integrated lumbar support technology From Strongback. On the Beach, on the lawn or watching your kids play – this chair will make you feel supported. The chair has clever details like extra large feet, A lock for open position and a cup holder. Made from heavy duty wear and tear resistant polyester fabric and powder coated steel frame.

Product Features

  • Award winning, patented Lumbar supportive design, aligns your body posture easing tension; supports your back which provides relief to your spine and relaxes your muscles
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Compare with our competitors – We guarantee durability
  • Spacious ergonomic seat designed to align hips and back for maximum comfort and relaxation
  • Easy to use and lightweight: The perfect portable chair for camping, travel, picnics, beach trips, sports, concert events and other outdoor activities
  • Newly redesigned low gravity 2. 0 Has an improved locking system and enhanced connections;  heavy-duty, durable construction with a 300 lbs. Weight capacity


Anonymous says:

Best beach chair here in the Marshall Islands for any event, besides being at beach … I live here at my home Marshall Islands (atolls in central Pacific Ocean), and beach chair is practically a daily need, beyond just the beach (at home, by work, church, community meetings, etc.) – and I’ve owned and borrowed several beach chair. Firstly, for best comfort, in all previous chairs I’ve used, I have to put something (usually a towel, or even a t-shirt) in the lower back of chair (this is the natural position of the bottom section of our human’s back) – in this Strongback beach…

Anonymous says:

Toughest and best designed folding chair I have ever used. Amazing. //EditStill going strong (ahem) July 28 2019.Dirty, slightly frayed from my boots rubbing the corner as I get in and out of it, but absolutely no tears or structural wear whatsoever. Impressively, the legs and foot pads of this chair have actually worn into my floor from use, and yet the chair is still standing immortal. Immune to my abuse. Defying time itself. I don’t know who designed this object, but it is clear that they had a mission to create a time piece by which the age of…

Anonymous says:

Holy sit, this is a COMFY chair!! Bought this for a week-long “summer camp” experience. SO GLAD I brought it!!Comfort by the campfire? Check.Comfort in meditation class? Check.Comfort at a workshop, taking notes? Check.Comfort at the end of the day, in the bunk? Check.Comfort watching an awesome Talent Show? Check!!!I bought this and another non-lumbar supporting chair of otherwise almost the exact same style (I found that one before finding this one). The other one was…

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