Survival Paracord Spool Tool Rope Winder 550 Paracord Keeper Parachute Cord Organizer Line Reel Multifunctional Outdoor Survaval Tool with Carabiner (Brown, 2 Pack)

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– No matter what cord you are, I can store –


1. Multifunctional Winder Including:

H-shaped slot  — huge and it can hold at least 100 ft of the line.Cutting design  — it is sharp and easy to cut thingsStorage box — it can accommodate emergency survival toolsRuler — 5.5 inches in sizeNew design slots — different sizes and it is convenient to handle the ends of the heated paracord2 holes on the panel — design for winding rope head


2. Material Component

Super quality by tough nylon material which can prevent tools from breakage


3. What can we do with it ?

Neatly arrange various messy linesOutdoor catapultOutdoor trap auxiliaryOthers

Great paracord tool for outdoor activity ! ! !

The best quality rope accessories tools,easy to carry, functional,versatile ! ! !

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Product Features

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL SPOOL TOOL – A Replaceable Razor Blade, a storage Holder, 6 Multisize Slots, a 5.5″ Ruler, a Carabiner, a Tape sample. New Design that you can DIY your Personal Survival Paracord Spool
  • A SPECIAL TIDY HOLDER(2.5″*0.8″) – Store some emergency survival tools by Duct Tape, such as mini Lighter, Match, Flint, Whistle, Fishing Kits or Pill Bottle. It works great with our Fire Cord paracord, so this Paracord Winder will be a great Fire Starter Kit with flint and steel, Even a survival kit with more items you store inside
  • A REPLACEABLE BLADE for rope Cutting, 6 Multisize Slots are appropriate size for Paracord Organizing, more convenient to fasten the cord ends
  • SUPER QUALITY by Tough Nylon Material, you can DIY a Slingshot as our picture, Size: 6″*3″*0.25″ – Holds up to 100 feet 550 paracord. No Messy Lines any more
  • The best quality rope accessories tools, easy to carry, functional, versatile


Anonymous says:

Great tool to keep your paracord spooled, accessible, untangled and to cut to any length you need. Pretty cool paracord spool… Has attachment point for pack or belt, a built in blade for easy cutting and a recessed portion you can use to put something and possibly tape in with 100 MPH tape/duct tape. I used these for regular paracord and some of the newer paracord with the higher strength rating of 850 and found the hole was just a little, tiny bit to small. That was easily fixed with a variable speed drill and a drill bit to make the hole a little larger. I gave my kids and Grandkids…

Anonymous says:

Safe and holds more than 100 ft I was hesitant at first if it would truly hold 100 ft of paracord but I was wrong. I did a quick wrap just to see and didn’t not keep the line tight and neat. It’s a little bulky but on the depth but still can squish down. As for the blade I did run my fingers around the area but the blade is well hidden and away from skin contact. Still may put the tape over that area so it does not get caught on the bag or anything else in sight. Feels durable assuming it’s not a play toy for a bear.

Anonymous says:

Not up to snuff FYI: 3 stars to me is exactly what I expected for the price. Unlike some I won’t give 5 stars unless I am truly impressed. This one gets a 2-star because it’s not only poorly designed, it’s made very cheaply. Even for the price, about half of the original “real deal”, the TricornE-Spool Tool-Multifunctional Paracord Device, it’s much less than half the value. It’s mostly only good to spool cord on to, something you can do much more cheaply with the simple ladder devices. The blade only snagged…

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