TAC Force TF-705EM-MC TF-705Em Spring Assisted 4.5″ Closed Knife,2 Pack

July 9, 2019 - Comment
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2 Pack

Product Features

  • Spring Assisted knife
  • 3.25 inch 3mm thick blade, stainless steel
  • 4.5 inch closed overall
  • Orange aluminum handle with black liner
  • Includes pocket Clip


Anonymous says:

Read this before buying… I have never owned a pocket knife in my life, but after binging LNM on Reddit for awhile, I thought it time I took my safety seriously. So I got this knife with the Prime membership & boy am I obsessed with it. The blade is legitimately super sharp and means business. I love the rainbow, it looks incredible when it hits light just right. I got down the one-hand open / close in about 5 minutes, it does open and close fast like the description stated. The bottle opener / screwdriver or glass…

Anonymous says:

Sharp, Pointy, Sleek – Prepare to look dangerous I bought one of these knives several months back (Fall Camo) and loved it. I’ve since bought 2 more, but had my dainty-neat-and proper lady friend steal one of them because “it’s pretty”. The knife is probably the best $ for product knife I’ve ever owned – I’ve had Leatherman, Gerber, Kershaw, and Benchmade open assist knives knives with several other fixed blade knives and these are my go-to knives.Sturdy, durable and sharp – the Tac Force knives are great for camping,…

Anonymous says:

Locking is shotty, opens too easily. This was perfect in every way when I first got it. After a few months, the locking mechanism got less and less effective to the point where it opened inside of the pocket and when I sat down it gave me a laceration that needed stitches. The possible medical bills aren’t worth the cheap cost of the knife. I wish I could give a good review as I love the aesthetic of the product and it was useful when it was functional.

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