T&H French Lavender & Vanilla Candle Aromatherapy Relaxation Handmade Pure Soy Wax 3-Wick 80 Hour Burn 16 Ounce Long Lasting

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Is this the BEST French Lavender and Vanilla Candle on the market? We think so! Here’s why: T&H candles are made with non-toxic soy based wax – NO PARAFFIN. Our wicks are natural lead-free cotton wicks Our fragrances are triple scented Vegan friendly Not tested on animals Hand poured by T&H Candle Craftsmen with Love. Burns for up to 80 hours. Beautifully packaged in an Artisan designed box in a GIANT 16oz Decorative Glass Jar….. The Perfect Gift for Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day or to just say, “Thank you”.

French Lavender: From the fields of Southern France, lavender is grown in the wild.
Essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the flowering tops. It is highly regarded for its relaxing, calming and soothing properties.
French lavender has a more intense aroma than other lavender varieties. French Vanilla sofens this fragrance and is known for its calming properties.
The vanilla pods are picked and then placed on trays and left to ferment. When the pods (or beans) turn brown, they become very fragrant.
The best quality beans accumulate white Vanillin crystals on their shells exterior.

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Product Features

  • INSTANT RELAXATION – Light the three wicks, place the candle next to your bubble bath or sofa and relax. Natural Vanilla and Lavender essential oils will leave you feeling soothed, calm and beautiful.
  • AROMATHERAPY – Transform the energy in your home. Instant Zen! Relaxing, calming, and all stress is gone. French lavender is more intense than other lavender, ensuring a great throw and instant aromatherapy in your home.
  • PERFECT GIFT – Beautifully packaged for gift giving for Birthday, Wedding, Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. For Bath and Body. A natural, luxury gift that will lift the spirits and create a positive mood for your loved ones.
  • BATH AND BODY – Works beautifully in the bathroom, the kitchen, and your general living space. Take it to your next massage and mmmm….
  • VALUE FOR MONEY – These are BIG candles! A clean, green 80 hour burn time ensures many hours of cozy, homely bliss. Natural soy wax coupled with handmade crafted decorative glass, adds ambience and tranquility to your home . BONUS: Get a FREE T&H funny candle with every purchase of any T&H Stress Relief Candle. See promotion below for details.


Anonymous says:

Wonderful candle for any room I was worried about buying a candle I could not smell first – but this one proved my fears wrong. It smells better than the electric wax warmers I use. The smell is delightful, after an 30 mins my dining room smelled wonderful. The scent is smooth and natural.Also, loved the little scissors to trim the wick.

Anonymous says:

This candle is just perfect, I no artificial chemicals and it’s a lot … My wife’s birthday is coming up and I thought I’d get her something calming and soothing, she also loves aromatherapy products so when this came up on the search I went for it. When I saw the lime and basil combination on this candle I immediately made my choice. This candle is just perfect, I no artificial chemicals and it’s a lot bigger than what I expected.

Anonymous says:

The candles are beautifully packaged, excellent quality, long lasting and smells wonderful! What a fantastic product! I love these candles and all beautifully packaged in travel tins. I enjoy bringing a tin along with me on trips. It makes me feel more at home when I have it lit in my hotel room and that makes me feel more relaxed and comforted. I also like to leave one in my guest bathroom at my house. My guests enjoy them and I always get compliments on the scent as well as the tin itself. Knowing that these are soy candles and made with essential oils puts me at ease knowing I am…

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