The Bushcraft Boxed Set: Bushcraft 101; Advanced Bushcraft; The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, & Cooking in the Wild; Bushcraft First Aid

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The Bushcraft Boxed Set brings together four titles from wilderness expert and New York Times bestselling author Dave Canterbury.

The collection includes:

Bushcraft 101: The primer to wilderness survival based on the author’s 5Cs of Survivability (cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages)

Advanced Bushcraft: Takes it to the next level with self-reliance skills that teach you how to survive with little to no equipment

The Bushcraft Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild: Provides everything you need to know about packing, finding, and preparing food while trekking

Bushcraft First Aid: Written with Jason A. Hunt, PhD, it’s the go-to first aid resource for anyone headed into the woods

With this boxed set, you’ll be prepped and ready for your next outdoor adventure—wherever it takes you!


Anonymous says:

Good read My husband is really into survivalist shows so I bought these for a gift. He loves them. Says there’s alot of stuff he already knew but alot of new things it’s teaching him. He’s happy, I’m happy.

Anonymous says:

… illustrations and photos of safe and unsafe plants were great. Books had lots of helpful and interesting information the illustrations and photos of safe and unsafe plants were great.

Anonymous says:

OK, book, has a few new tricks This series doesn’t read smoothly – its painful to keep going. Every now and then I learn something new that is useful. A lot of the book I am currently reading is just opinion on what someone likes or doesn’t like which is not that helpful to me. I guess real bush craft just depends on you going out and making some mistakes – you learn fast what works or doesn’t work when you are miserable.The best advice I can offer is start with short trips, stay DRY if its cold out, spend…

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