The Compass and the Nail: How the Patagonia Model of Loyalty Can Save Your Business, and Might Just Save the Planet

October 12, 2019 - Comment
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Winner of the 800-CEO-READS Best Marketing Book of 2015

Why do some companies create such strong affection for their brands that their customers are compelled to become active brand champions? Is there a secret?

The Compass and the Nail presents an unconventional perspective of how particular organizations create rabid fan bases, in turn making them more successful and more profitable. Written by Patagonia’s former lead strategist for consumer marketing, and advisor to such iconic brands as Seventh Generation and Burton Snowboards, Craig Wilson outlines game-changing insights for providers of any product or service who desire fiercely loyal behavior.

Wilson’s narrative is one of cultural empathy and thought disruption critical to the new global economy. It is a practical model that defines how companies, governments, and institutions relate to their end users. By illuminating the phenomenon of “following,” and how it can be methodically applied to a larger context, this book demonstrates how those relationships can be refashioned to optimize human interactive experience. It challenges us to use our economic powers for good to design the new Responsible Economy in an effort to save the planet. If companies realize consumers “don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it,” Wilson shows us how.


Anonymous says:

A 21st Century Masterpiece! I read this quote recently and it absolutely reminded me of Craig’s book: “…..because if you want the benefits of something in life, you have to also want the costs.”WARNING: Understanding, implementing, and scaling the frameworks from this book is not for the lazy, unthoughtful, or uncommitted. The majority of things written today are for those who have a gnats 5secs of an attention span. If that is you, this book is NOT for you. You will not get a “5 top steps to success”…

Anonymous says:

Business without apologies to your kids. Craig puts the desire for business to behave as a responsible subset of society into motion. Practical and a call to arms. Transcends the intrinsic motivators that drive entrepreneurs, the sleepless nights and self-doubts, and the need to connect it all to commerce. Squeezes the apologies and excuses out of doing business right.

Anonymous says:

Wonky but Smart Patagonia is a revered brand not only for its products, but also for its purpose-driven environmental ways. The brand has cultivated a deeply loyal following. Craig Wilson spent eight years at Patagonia in various upper-level marketing roles and he shares smart thinking in this book.His various “Band Ecosystem” diagrams describing how to forge customer loyalty the Patagonia way are too wonky for this marketer to understand enough to act upon.However, this one money quote…

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