The Happy Lush Turquoise 750 ml Insulated Wine Flask with Lid – Stainless Steel, Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Travel Bottle & Wine Growler for Hot and Cold Beverages

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Product Features

  • PERFECT FOR: Parties, Camping, Boating, Travel, Sporting Events, RV-ing, Pool, Beach, Picnic, Patio, Hiking and Hanging out with Friends Outside
  • Our tumblers pair nicely with whatever your choice of beverage: Cocktails, Champagne, Water, Whiskey, Beer, Coffee, Hot Tea, Margarita, Spirits, Red, White or Rosé Wines
  • Hot or Cold, say hello to the perfect temperature – premium food-grade 18/8 stainless steel walls combined with vacuum insulation ensures that your cold beverages remain cold for 12 hours and your hot beverages remain hot up to six hours
  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT PLASTIC TOXINS – BPA-free bottle and cap do not alter the flavor or leach plastic chemicals. NO phthalates, lead or other toxic material
  • 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY – The Happy Lush stands behind all of our products and wants raving fans. If you are not 100% satisfied, then please CONTACT US immediately. The Happy Lush makes premium products affordable. If you’re looking for a wine tumbler cup, check out our other accessories, 8oz and 12oz tumblers. Search for B07GGNCBD5


Anonymous says:

Best tumbles and flasks for hot and cold beverages I’ve bought a few of the happy lush tumbles for myself and as gifts. I was impressed with how they kept my hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. They also make really cute gifts. I decided the other night I wanted the flask. I travel a lot for work via car and plane and wanted something that would fit in my cars cup holder and in my bag. This is perfect. I ordered it Sunday night and received it Monday in the mail. I filled it with cold water before my three hour drive today and the water was as…

Anonymous says:

Happy Lush insulated bottle leaks Used this product to safely transport wine. Problem is, the Happy Lush insulated bottle leaks. The cap does not form a tight seal. Wine will leak if the bottle is not upright. My last camping trip I transported the Happy Lush insulated bottle upright and wine still leaked out of the bottle due to the defective seal at the cap unable to contain the wine from change in atmospheric pressure during transport. Waste of money! Tossed this bottle in the recycle bin.

blank Anonymous says:

Bought as a gift, had to keep it! To start, I’m a sucker for design aesthetics! I purchased this as a gift for someone who’s also into sleek, minimalist design, but more-so, wine. I received the wine-flask with the quickness of a rabid, Cheetah-Rabbit, and after opening to ensure it was the correct color (A very, bodacious, deep blue), I found myself pouring a whole bottle (Yup! A whole gosh-dang bottle!) of Pinot and taking my dog on a walk to watch the sunset. The flask fit my hand perfectly and was easy to drink from…

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