Therm-a-Rest Trail Seat Cushion, Green

June 22, 2019 - Comment
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Sit more comfortably just about anywhere with this all-purpose, self-inflating seat cushion. Lightweight and compact, it fits easily in your pack or duffel and is ideal in a car, boat, camp or stadium seat.

Product Features

  • Perfect for car, camping or stadium seating
  • Self-inflating and easily compactable
  • Lightweight for those on the go
  • New 2017 models include integrated bungee loop to keep your seat rolled up tight
  • Made in the USA of the finest US and global materials
  • Length: 16″ | Width: 12″ | Thickness: 1.5″ | Weight: 5 oz


Anonymous says:

Good for backback, light use. Good for travel, hiking, etc where your good thick large cushion would be inconvenient. Deflates pretty flat except for nozzle. Seems to work best when NOT fully inflated. It has a honeycomb pattern inside so you don’t have to blow it up at all, it does it itself, you just lock the cap after it’s full. If you want it really firm them you have to blow a little. I use a really premium specialty cushion for my office chair, one of the “Purple” cushions in my trunk to use in…

Anonymous says:

fantastic portable seat cushion As an airline pilot, I need to find comfort for the long haul… this has proven to be perfect. If I inflate before takeoff, I usually have to let some air out when at altitude or it becomes exceptionally hard and stiff after having been orally inflated at sea level pressure then climbing to the typical maximum of 8,000 feet equivalent of cabin pressure. The opposite is true… if I deflate it at altitude about 30 – 45 minutes before landing, then as the cabin altitude decreases, the package…

Anonymous says:

The Sit Pad is great if you’re absolutely minimizing ounces and space I’m an old fart whose butt gets sore sitting for long on hard surfaces. Normally, I just carry my REI Sit Pad, which I used on an Appalachian Trail hike. The Sit Pad is great if you’re absolutely minimizing ounces and space, and it’s pretty comfortable. However, the reason why it is lighter and more compact is that it is more air than cushion material. This is often just fine. However, when I’m riding on the subway, I sway back and forth on it. The Thermarest Trail Seat is definitely more…

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