Thermo Tank Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Ice Cold 36 Hours! Vacuum + Copper Technology – 17 Ounce (Charcoal, 17oz)

July 12, 2017 - Comment
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Finally! COLD water whenever YOU WANT IT!

Cold for 36 hours, you say? Impossible… HOW?

Engineers and scientists have worked on this problem for decades, yet why has there been no major improvement? Well now there is. For truly maximum insulation, this bottle has vacuum layer (negative pressure) in between 2 walls of premium kitchen-grade 18/8 304 stainless steel (with copper coating for even better and more even insulation). This also prevents any condensation on the outside. So you can ALWAYS easily grip your bottle, no matter what beverage you’ve been sipping! 😉 Cold or hot – NO drips on the outside. Refreshing ice cold drinks and piping hot coffee have never been easier!

WARNING: Beverage in bottle may be colder than it appears!

Backed by WORLD-CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE! No-nonsense money back guarantee.

Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED – or this round is on us! Shop today absolutely RISK-FREE! But hurry – stocks are limited and they won’t last at this price!

Wait, we almost forgot the best part: It’s also incredibly beneficial for yourself and the environment!

For Your Body – Drinking plenty of water is a major key to your health. Easy, right? Not so fast. Ditch those plastic water bottles – they may be a toxic risk! THERMO TANK is BPA free. No nasty chemicals, no harmful toxins.

For Your Wallet – Do you like saving money? Bottled water seriously adds up. Your Thermo Tank will pay for itself in just weeks!

For the Earth – Disposable bottles are everywhere. And we don’t just mean in stores. They’re in our oceans, at our parks, and along our highways. You can make a difference – ditch plastic!

P.S. It’s also the most stylish bottle you’ll find – ANYWHERE

Phew…enough reading! You deserve a refreshment! Click Add to Cart NOW for endless enjoyment and benefit!

Product Features

  • LUKE WARM?! Never again! What if glacier-cold water could last through a scorching summer day? THERMO TANK has you covered!
  • 36 HOURS COLD?! HOW? Science, yo. Between 2 impenetrable WALLS OF STEEL is an vacuum space. WHY? Incredible insulation that an adventurer need. A layer of copper surrounds this hidden space for even further protection from the elements. AND it’s sweat-free. WARNING – drink in bottle may be colder than it appears!
  • ROOM TEMP COFFEE? Gross! We’ve got you covered there too. Coffee fans will tell you – this bottles keeps your coffee hot and your body fueled! This bottle will hold 17oz of your favorite beverage, and keep it as hot OR cold as you like, ALL DAY!
  • WORLD-CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE! Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED – or your money back! Shop today absolutely RISK-FREE! No-nonsense money back guarantee. We mean it.
  • LIMITED SUPPLY – These bottles won’t last at this introductory price! Compare to others at double the price, and they still won’t match our quality! We promise you’ll be thrilled, so hurry and order today!


N. Heise says:

Was an easy purchase after reading reviews! Editing review…as much as I love this and yes, it does keep drinks cold….one drop (which is inevitable, serious dents!!!! Dents way to easy! May be sturdy on inside but not sturdy on outside! Disheartening! 

69 Les Paul says:

Perfect to foil to office thieves. So, funny story! I work in a large office. We have 3 fridges in our lunch room. Recently a coworker started using the half and half that I bring to work for my coffee. (I really enjoy my coffee with Half and Half) So one Friday I go to get an afternoon cup and my quart of creamer is emptied and thrown in the trash. GRRRR Early the next week, I caught a man (newer hire) that I do not know, pouring my cream into his cup of coffee. I pointed out that it was not his, and he says “I thought it…

blank RAN says:

Excellent insulated water bottle!! While shopping for a new insulated water bottle, I looked at the usual popular name brands in the stores and online. What drew me to the Thermo Tank was that it advertised to keep water cold for 36 hours! I initially bought the 25 oz. Thermo Tank and I absolutely love it. But there are times when I just don’t need that big of a bottle, so I bought the 17 oz. size. Figuring it would work just as well as the 25 oz., I initially filled it with hot coffee. Two hours later, it was luke warm. Hmm…

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