Tiny Survival Card: A 17-Tool Survival Kit with Knife That Fits in Your Wallet – Ultimate EDC, Multitool Card for Your Wallet – Great Gift!

January 23, 2020 - Comment
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This life-saving, credit-card sized, wilderness survival tool kit, is the world’s smallest, toughest & most complete, last-ditch collection of micro-gear (with a knife) ever developed. The Tiny SURVIVAL CARD is PACKED with 17 Hard to Improvise Micro-Tools:

1 Multi-Functional Mini Knife & Spear Point

1 Micro Finger Drill

3 Sewing Needles

2 Small Fishing Hooks

2 Medium Fishing Hooks

2 Double Finishing Hooks

1 Mini Button or Fishing Lure

2 Mini Gig or Harpoons

1 Dual Edge-Fine & Medium Saw

1 Set of Mini Tweezers

Product Features

  • The World’s Smallest, Survival Kit with a Knife, Fits in Your Wallet and Could Save Your Life. EDC Wallet Size – Emergency, Disaster Micro-Toolkit.
  • MADE IN THE USA: From American Made 0.025 inch Thick, Hardened, 302 Stainless Steel (Known for Its Strength and Corrosion Resistance). The Tiny SURVIVAL CARD travels on our exclusive magnetic base allowing you to pre-sharpen the knife and place it back on the base for storage. The Tiny SURVIVAL CARD is designed for everyday carry and fits in a wallet,pocket, purse, glove box or survival kit
  • Smallest, Lightest, Most Comprehensive, Wallet-Carry, Emergency / Survival Kit (with a Knife) EVER Designed.
  • CREDIT-CARD Sized and Weights Less Than an Ounce – Tiny Survival Card is Dsigned for Every Day Carry and Fits in a Wallet, Pocket, Purse, Glove Box or Survival Kit…
  • INCLUDES: 1 Multi-Functional Mini Knife and Spear Point / 1 Micro Finger Drill / 3 Sewing Needles / 2 Small Fishing Hooks / 2 Medium Fishing Hooks / 2 Double Finishing Hooks / 1 Mini Button / Fishing Lure / 2 Mini Gig / Harpoons / 1 Dual Edge – Fine and Medium Saw / 1 Set of Mini Tweezers


Anonymous says:

Really Nice Survival Card I bought this with the survival guide, which is really good as well. Since I imagine this is stamped out of stainless, I wouldn’t expect the knife or arrowhead to be sharp; and it really isn’t, which is really no big deal. I sharpened it up pretty quick, now edge holding, that’s to be seen. I have a CRKY Bita and it’s about the same size and I’m sure would work good for lite work and skinning small animals. If I ever need to I’ll wrap the handle with some cordage or material.The…

Anonymous says:

Knife is VERY DULL. Well it seems to be made of good quality material, but I really bought this for the knife and it’s full. I mean full like a butter knife. No usable edge at all. I’ll have to use a belt grinder to sharpen it. A stone would take forever.

Anonymous says:

The blade is not pre-sharpened So this is meant to be your survival kit when you are at the least prepare situation.The concept is great, everything did come in a nice package.However, there is one critical issue I see is, the blade is not sharpened. I take one and a half star off because of this.Imagine you have to depend on it and found out it is not able to cut what you needed. That will be very bad, in my case, I cannot even cut a business card. I can sharpen it myself, but that is the prep work, not…

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