Tops 55702 Rapid Brew Stovetop Coffee Percolator, Stainless Steel, 2-3 Cup

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Perfect percolators! The Rapid Brew Stovetop Percolator makes 2-3 cups of fresh-perked coffee fast, easy and full of flavor. The perking process allows exact brew strength control, so it’s a treat for coffee lovers everywhere. The percolator body, cover and spreader plates are constructed of sparkling, high-luster heavy gauge 18/8 stainless steel. It features a clear glass cover knob for easy observing of brew strength and a laminated Permawood handle with natural woodgrain beauty and brass-rivet quality. Also includes an aluminum pump and basket, and for exact measurements, the percolator features permanent cup markings. This coffee maker is non-electric, so it’s perfect for camping. Great looking and great tasting! The best way to start your morning.

Product Features

  • 3.75 x 6.5 x 6 inch
  • Constructed of sparkling, high-luster heavy gauge 18/8 stainless steel
  • Traditional perking process allows exact brew strength control, 2-3 cup capacity
  • Features a glass cover knob, Permawood handle, & permanent cup markings
  • Non-electric, perfect for camping; includes instruction insert


Anonymous says:

Nice little retro coffee pot This is an adorable and practical little coffeepot for someone living alone, or a family where only one person drinks coffee. My husband and I are the latter, and decided we wanted counter space more than the small Mr. Coffee that was eating it up. Hence this little percolator! I think the 3 cups offered are saucer cup-size, like formal teacups. Filled to the three cup line and perked until the coffee shows medium-penny brown through the glass knob, it makes about enough coffee for 1 1/2…

Anonymous says:

This is a awesome little perculator This is a awesome little perculator! I purchased the 2-3 cup which is actually 1 serving in my opinion. It fills a medium sized coffee mug. There is a small amount left in perculator to fill medium mug maybe halfway if wanting more. I put filtered refrigorated water just below the holes inside where pour spout is located. On a gas stove I put heat between 3&4 and iin 11 minutes I have the best tasting coffee. I prefer perculated coffee but I only have 1 cup in the mornings, so this size…

Anonymous says:

How Convenient!!! Yes, reviews are Silly most of the time – people state: This “makes” good (Actually, it only cooks what you put into it!!!)But besides that point, this is REALLY COOL!! Size is perfect for 1 person (maybe 2). Keeps the amount to a healthy dose, the cleaning is so easy since a human over powers such a small item, and… talk about saving money… with this perk pot, YOU ONLY NEED ENOUGH GROUNDS FOR 1 CUP. Percolator coffee is rapidly boiling & REboiling the…

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