TrackR bravo – Bluetooth Tracking Device. Key Tracker. Phone Finder. Wallet Locator. Generation 2, Silver

May 30, 2017 - Comment
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Tired of losing your keys, wallet or phone? Make misplacing your belongings a thing of the past with TrackR bravo! It’s a Bluetooth device you can attach to any important item. Use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds. Quickly ring your keys or press the button on the TrackR bravo to make your phone ring – even on silent. Keys fell out of your pocket? Crowd Locate will automatically start searching for them. When another TrackR app user is within Bluetooth range of your lost item, you’ll receive an anonymous location update. Users help each other find over a million items every day.

Product Features

  • Item Ringer: Quickly ring it with the touch of a button. TrackR bravo is a Bluetooth tracker small enough to attach to anything: keys, purse, briefcase, laptop, luggage and pets.
  • Phone Finder: Ring your misplaced phone – even on silent. Works with Alexa. Can’t find your smartphone? Just ask your Alexa-enabled device to tell you where it is.
  • Designed to last: Uses one CR1620 battery that’s easy to replace. Order replacements right through the app when it runs low.
  • Crowd Locate: Helps users find items outside Bluetooth range. If another TrackR app user walks by your item, your item’s location will be updated in the app.
  • Family Sharing: Find and share items with anyone. Can’t find the TV remote? Track and ring the same device from multiple smartphones and TrackR accounts.


homeboyslim says:

Doesnt work as advertised. I could only get 2 of them working at all, and those two were sporadic. Sometimes they would work as advertised but often i could not use the Item Ringer at all. I really wanted these to work especially since they were a gift for my parents, they cant use them and its too late to return them.

Jed Shlackman says:

Bluetooth based tracker device pairs your smart phone with any item you don’t want to misplace This little device tracker/finder is a useful concept. It uses Bluetooth with a phone app to connect with the tracker device, so you can use the app to make the tracker ring to find an object, or use the tracker to make your misplaced phone ring. This can also alert you when the tracker goes out of range of the phone. There are multiple limitations, however. You must be in Bluetooth range and you must have the Bluetooth connection active – if the tracker pairing is lost then you can’t find it…

James T says:

Cautions, Critiques and Hints I bought a gen 1 TrackR and 3 gen 2 TrackRs. I’m currently getting 4 more. So, obviously, I find it worth the money. From what I can find it’s the best small tracking device out there. You can get a lot more functionality (like a built in GPS) in larger tracking devices but most of the other ones this size are junk. That said, here are some cautions, criticisms and hints. 

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