Trekking Pole Hiking Stick for Men and Women Handcrafted of Lightweight Wood and made in the USA, Hawthorn, 55 Inches

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Brazos walking sticks and canes are handcrafted, one at a time, by local artisans.

Brazos, a Briggs Healthcare Company, is a family operated business located in the beautiful Brazos River Valley area of central Texas. We’ve been producing the highest quality handcrafted sticks and canes for more than 15 years. Our products are made by skilled craftsmen in small, “cottage industry” workshops located within a few miles of our facilities. Brazos walking canes offer natural appeal because they are made from real wood. You can see the fine detail and beauty of the actual tree. Each cane is a work of art. it is common for the canes and sticks to have cracks, especially on the ends. These naturally formed cracks do not inhibit the stability of the staffs in anyway but help define the character.

Product Features

  • COMFORT:  The convenient wrist strap provides a secure grip
  • SAFETY:  The rubber tip at the bottom of the walking cane provides traction on multiple surfaces with a firm secure grip
  • LUXURY:  Each Hiking Stick is handcrafted from solid wood and contains exquisite detail with a smooth polished finish.  Each stick is handcrafted in the USA by skilled local craftsmen
  • SIZING RECOMMENDATIONS:  For small children and shorter adults, we generally recommend a 41-inch stick;  For people shorter than 5’4″, we recommend a 48-inch stick;  For people between 5’4″ and 5’11”, we recommend a 55-inch stick; For people over 5’11”, we recommend a 58-inch stick.
  • WOOD TYPE: Hawthorn, also known as Carolina Hawthorne finishes with a rich brown bark and a yellow center. Every piece of Hawthorne is meticulously chosen, prepared, cut, sanded and given our distinctive twist
  • WARRANTY: Warranty thru manufacturer against defects


Anonymous says:

Customer service, what is that? BrazZsos, shame on you! Beautiful Ironwood Walkingstick, deplorable customer service representation. I have never run across the company that is so pathetic! I called them because there was a crack in the Ironwood cane. Granted the wood does have a tendency to crack however everybody I showed this crack to set it looked like the Walkingstick would break. I called them they told me to email pictures. OK, I sent three pictures and emailed her the customer service representative’s address she provided. I remember her…

Anonymous says:

Crooked Stick — sometimes My 55 inch stick arrived with the bottom at 40 degrees to the rest of the stick. It was also short. Otherwise it looked strong and quite nice looking.I tried to twist the rubber to a more favorable angle but because the bottom of the stick had such a sharp bend it would need trimmed about 4 inches then it would be much to short. I sent it back. And am awaiting my replacement. Its late.The rubber tip would have worn out prematurely on one edge. The person making this stick must have…

Anonymous says:

Is it “Expensive” or is it not? Thank you for such a gorgeous item. I love it! As soon as it arrived, i gave it the old “try to break it across the knee” test. This walking stick is not only beautiful, but super strong. I am VERY happy with my purchase (and will be ordering another soon)! Normally, I would make my own, but I don’t have access to this type of wood, near me. Let me say, for those of you that have never “made” an actual walking stick, it “might” seem relatively expensive for…

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