Unihoh TRD Paracord Tactical Rope Dispenser 50ft Spool, Duarble and Lightweight Cord Cutter Tool

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This Tactical Rope Dispenser comes in an OD black case with 50 ft. of black 550 paracord. 

The  Rope TRD was created  to provide a quick, tangle-free option for delivering paracord when you need it. 

It features a rugged impact resistant case and a built in high carbon cutting blade that eliminates the need for any additional tools. 

Item includes a heavy duty belt clip that attaches to the hip for fast one-handed operation.



Rugged impact resistant case stores up to 50 ft. of tangle free paracord High carbon steel cutting blade provides the exact amount of cord needed with no additional tools. Heavy duty belt clip offers comfortable carry and easy one-hand operation.

Product Features

  • The Tactical Rope Dispenser (TRD) is a self-contained rope and cord dispenser made to keep your 550lb Paracord from becoming tangled up
  • The razor sharp cutting blade allows you to cut Paracord at any length you need. You can also use the cutting blade to cut other things like fishing net or fabric
  • TRD clips to your belt or back pack and is light and durable
  • Also included on your TRD is a 2inch standard and metric ruler for quick measurements. The view port allows you to see how much Paracord you have remaining
  • TRD is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors, including you.


Anonymous says:

Junk moldy Chinese knock off of Atwood Rope’s TRD This product is a total scam rip off. Do not buy, This is a Chinese knock off of Atwood rope TRD. They copied the artwork and packaging but couldn’t copy the product quality. Material is weak and cord inside is not paracord. The Cord is covered in dirt and mold. Buyer beware, there are 5 listing of these, the only true TRD is made by Atwood Rope mfg.

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