UST TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter,orange

July 4, 2019 - Comment
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The flameless, fuel-free UST TekFire Lighter features a high voltage electric arc for ignition, wind resistance, and easy push-button operation for quick fire starting in breezy conditions. The rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery eliminates the need for liquid butane fuel or adjustments for altitude. The TekFire has a 10 second time-out safety feature, a durable spring-loaded wire latch, and wrist lanyard for easy carrying around your wrist. You can use the inner paracord strands of the paracord for sewing thread, sutures, fishing line, first aid, and more.

To recharge the TekFire, simply plug in to any USB port with the included USB cable (an indicator light flashes red while charging and is solid red when fully charged). It weighs 1.9 ounces and measures 3 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches (HxWxD). It’s backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

UST Brands has been manufacturing camping, survival, personal safety, and emergency preparedness equipment for over 80 years, including innovative LED lights, all-weather fire starters, premium outdoor cutting tools, camp kitchen products, first aid kits, unbreakable signal mirrors, and more.

Product Features

  • Lightweight, easy starting, wind-resistant flameless lighter ignites using electric arc; ideal for camping, backpacking, and hunting trips
  • Runs on built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery; requires no butane fuel or adjustments for higher altitudes
  • Plug into any USB port to recharge with included USB cable
  • Rubberized case allows for easy grip and includes wrist lanyard
  • Weighs 1.9 ounces; measures 3 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches (HxWxD); backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty


Anonymous says:

Reliable at higher elevations This is an awesome product! Tested at 11,000ft. so far and worked perfectly. I bought this after a very frustrating camping experience where the slightest breeze kept blowing out my lighter. I’m often camping at higher altitudes and needed something more reliable. This is it!

Anonymous says:

Stopped working despite troubleshooting I bought this 1 year ago and used it without incident for about 3 weeks worth of fire starting. Then it stopped. I first found that if I cleaned the electrodes it would work again. Now, despite fully charging it, scraping the electrodes, cleaning them with rubbing alcohol, holding the button down for a long time, pressing the button harder (I went through the whole troubleshooting list), it starts 1 out of 20 times. No idea why. For $18, I could buy 18 cheap lighters and have better…

Anonymous says:

I like it. The button is a little fickle I like it. The button is a little fickle, but workable. First use I could not get the lighter to work. Then I discovered that by pushing the button more direct, more straight on, it would work. Like other reviews I do wish it was waterproof. Fix the button and make it waterproof I’d give it 5 stars. Second time I tried to use the lighter it did not work. After fussing with it, I got it to spark once for 1…

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